Thursday, March 31, 2005

Seymour Hersh and the Bush Oil Wars

Famous reporter, Seymour Hersh, the man who broke the Vietnam war Mi Lai massacre was at New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, lecturing about Bush and the war in Iraq. He said many interesting things, one of which is, “The President,” Hersh sighed. “Bush is as absolutely convinced he’s doing the right thing,” just as journalists are who think of themselves as white knights think they are doing the right thing. “Even if we have another thousand body bags, it won’t deter him.”


He evaded Nam and he isn't afraid of being sucked into Iraq, personally.

This fine reporter spends a great deal of energy trying to figure out Bush and then misses by about a million miles. From the Buzzflash article:

Most of the Q & A was spent on oil and what people in our military and government are thinking about Bush’s policies.

1) A question about oil as Bush’s real reason for the Iraq war was raised:

Hersh said that his best guess is that oil was not “the real thing he wanted to do.” The neo-con mantra, ‘all roads lead to Baghdad’ and ‘democratization,’ the latter concept which goes all the way back to Jean Kirkpatrick, were the major ideas behind the war. Bush couldn’t have sold “democratization” on it’s own, so WMD’s were used as the reason. “If we had known there was no WMD, there would have been no vote.”

Hersh warned that when the price of oil reaches $68-$69 a barrel, this will be the crunch point in terms of real economic decline. If Bush wants to move against Iran, which is pumping about 3.9 barrels a day, he’s heading for trouble. According to Hersh, Iran will scuttle every ship in the Straights of Hormuz and the Malaca Straits in Indonesia. It will take months of dredging and salvaging to approach normalcy.

If oil is Bush’s top priority, “Bush is just not behaving as someone who is managing an oil crisis” and has already been “mismanaging oil in Iraq.”

This analysis misses what the Quest for the Holy Oil is all about. It isn't an attempt at "finding" oil. We know where it is. It isn't about buying oil, we can do this already. It is about the price of oil. Before the war, oil was getting cheaper again after rising a bit during the run up to the 2000 election. After the election, it began to fall. Pretending Bush has no buddies and financial supporters in the oil industry is to be blind to his real alliances and loves. Cheap oil=evil. Expensive oil=Texas pig heaven!

So, under Bush, oil becomes very expensive. You would think Americans would be very angry about this but he would say,
"Hey, oil is expensive because of a war!"


His war he started! The trade balance is very bad and one way to cure it is to find something Europe and Asia want to buy and then selling them this, pocket the profit and voila! Victory. So what are we selling them? Oil! Alaskan oil and Iraqi oil. Iran is a competitor. So what does a good Texan businessman do? Classically, they initiate a HOSTILE TAKEOVER. If the Gulf gets slimed up, this is great. The world price of oil will be denominated in gold pieces of eight! A double dabloon of joy to these men. These are the same Texan types like the young men who rejoiced as they shorted out the California electrical market, destroying the economy there and inadvertently nearly destroying America's economy. I haven't forgotten previous oil woes in the past: "Freeze a Yankee" was a favorite bumper sticker in Texas. These people are happy to beggar thy neighbor even if they are "American"!

Why has Bush refused to open the spigots to the National Oil Reserve? Clinton did this, to the howls of the Texan oil overlords. When Bush is asked about this today, he changes the subject. Hahaha. This war isn't about oil, yeah, right.

I wonder why even very intelligent people can't see this? Hersh cannot understand a ruler deliberately beggaring his own population. Well, guess what?

"Let them eat cake"---a quote that chopped off a thousand heads!

The fancy ball dress the media and the GOP and the rulers have clothed this naked robbery of the American and Iraqi people can't be allowed to go unnoted. The emperor isn't naked. He is dressed to the nines in a tissue of rank lies.

Bush=oil. Fifty years ago. Today. Want to know what he will do next? Follow the trail of black gold.

The Culture of Life Lecture

According to CNN: President Bush offered his condolences. "Today millions of Americans are saddened by the death of Terri Schiavo. ... I urge all those who honor Terri Schiavo to continue to work to build a culture of life where all Americans are welcomed and valued and protected.

Ok, gang, it is official. The code phrase of the year is "Culture of Life"! How charming that Bush feels so strongly about keeping people alive even if it means feeding them artificially even though there is zero chance of living anything resembling a human life. Too bad this new found concern about the culture of life didn't extend to little baby Sun Hudson in Texas whose life support was brutally terminated for financial reasons despite the fact that the child had a functioning brain and his mother wanted to save his life. The cold Scroogian indifference to his plight stands in stark contrast to the circus of concern for Terri.

This sickens me.

In the news is the startling work in melding the human/computer interface so severely disabled people with electrodes in the brain can move robots or electronic devices to pick up things or turn on or off things or type text on computer screens (Dave, stay away from that, no!). The ability to extend the quality of life of the severely disabled continues as computers and electronics and animal training techniques improve. None of this could help poor Terri. She had no brain to interface, she was the equivelent of the Blue Screen of Death.

The culture of life: this blogger is a firm believer in this. This is why I raise so many animals and vegetables and flowers and birds and bees. I am surrounded by life and by extention, death. Last summer, for example, my bee colony was wiped out by a very fierce storm that featured a tornado. They all died when the queen died. Her daughters were my garden companions. I miss my bees. They knew me just as I knew them. The hive was conscious and starting a new hive means getting a hostile queen who wil have to be persuaded to be nice to me and not set her daughters after me. Normally, after the first year, I don't wear a bee suit because the bees let me mess with their hive.

The American Bee Hive is buzzing right now because we are fighting over the very meaning of our lives and our futures and our needs and fears. Then I read that Ozzie Osburne burned down his house. After making a lot of money letting us all watch him stumble about, he loses everything in a flash. This happens rather a lot to celebrities.

Life---live life now or live later in regret. Every day is a new day. The sun rises in the East and we smile, for this is the meaning of life.

Rest in Peace

We all die. Inevitably. The Holy Grail of the rich and powerful, the desire of every despot in history, is to live forever and forever, never to die. The first despots in history, the Pharohs of Egypt tried to evade eternal death by building huge machines as best they could to transport their bodies through time so they could live forever, surrounded by loot that belonged, forever, only to them.

Of course, the tombs were raided so they tried to bury themselves in hidden graves with the loot that was supposed to remain with them forever and these were looted, too. Now we gawk at this loot, amazed at the audacity of the rulers who decreed this stuff was to be hidden forever, to be theirs forever, now is ours...forever!

Well, for now.

This desire to evade death wracked the rulers of totalitarian governments which is why Stalin and Lennin and Mao were put in tombs surrounded by technological fancies designed to keep their corpses going forever and forever. Whole businesses are based on this. There is a group in California that will cheerfully chop off your head and freeze it forever and forever, that will fix things! Like, this company would have done a roaring business in Paris 200 years ago. Geeze, in Iraq, they should open outlets and give discounts.

Everyone wants to live forever.

This is why I refuse to have a grave. Why? The sole reason to have a grave is to somebody in the far future, or if you are unlucky and the Skull and Bones wants to steal your skull, tomorrow, digs up your grave to play with your corpse. This always ends up happening. The bodies buried during the Spanish Fever deaths a mere 100 years ago are being dug up so scientists can poke around the remains! See? If you evade Mother Nature and your bones are preserved, all this means is, someone gets to monkey with them later on! I can't wait.

Terri died today. Her well preserved body finally is going to the final rest except, unless it is burned, it won't be so final a rest. There is no such thing, really, unless you are swept to sea like during the Boxing Day Tsunami. Terri's grave will be a focal point for much hysteria and I seriously doubt it will be a quiet place but will be plagued by all sorts of happenings including probably drunk teens knocking it over for fun. I suspect gravestones were erected just for this purpose.

Outside of Terri's sad family, hardly anyone really cares about her fate. She has done us all a great favor in forcing the GOP to acknowledge the need for public funding of people suffering the worst case medical conditions. Except the GOP hasn't acknowledged anything. They want to pretend she is exclusive and important and singular.

The Pope is afraid to die and wants to live forever. Falwell is terrified of death. He preached faith healing all his fake life and here he is, hardly too much older than me, dying because he lived carelessly and now he wants modern medicine to keep him alive for as long as possible, forever if he could.

Years ago I wrote a story about a village where people lived forever. It became a very miserable place, everyone was bored to tears with each other and with life itself. They wanted to die but were not allowed to die. The miracle came when one of them discovered the cure: to leave and go out into the world and die for others. Sacrificial death.

And this is what life is about: the need to sacrifice for life. I nearly died having a baby. My words before the third surgery when everyone was crying, "How is the baby? Is he doing well? Take care of him. Better me than he!"

I meant it. Every word. If I had a choice, I would have chosen to die if it were to save my baby. I am sure the poor mother of Terri feels this way but then, there comes a time when mercy means, letting the child go. I have had to put down pets, and it hurts but their pain and terror were so great, I couldn't force them to live longer. I have sat death watch. When people go, they always embrace death. The wisdom of dying comes and they literally sigh, let go and even, often, smile, even if they were in pain before, they smile.

For there is goodness in death just like there is goodness in life. Yin and Yang, both matter, the balance has to keep.

Clairvoyance and Fixing Social Security

Don't we all wish we could see the future? This would mean, of course, that we couldn't change anything, since the future is inevitable if we see it. Illustration: you try to avoid being hit by a car and succeed only to be hit a minute later by a truck.

Right now, Bush and his merry band have decided the number one issue to debate isn't the raging river of red ink in our Federal budget nor is it about the wisdom of invading Iraq nor is it about the trade deficit or our currency. They want us to talk about the future in thirty to fifty year time frames. Projecting ahead more than ten years even is very difficult. Projecting ahead more than that is nearly impossible. One can to this with certain things like population projections using various variables or understanding cyclic things that happen with a certain amount of regularity.

The entire Bush effort to "reform" Social Security is based entirely and only upon worker/retiree ratios in the projected future. If this were the only problem we face, piece of cake! A simple alteration of any of the limited variables fixes this problem, no sweat. As per usual, Bush wants radical fixes that will be, like his tax cuts, singularily inept at fixing any of the supposed future problems.

The real problem with looking into the murky future is the refusal of most Americans to look at and understand the real disaster that is occuding our potential future. As the clock ticks, this potential future approaches with relentless intent. It can't be evaded, it won't dissappear if we look the other way, we can't fix it by accelerating our hunt for it, it is inevitable and unfortunately for us, we will be forced to live with the straightjacket parameters of this future. More and more geologists and experts in the oil exploration business are saying, we have reached the Hubbert Oil Peak this very year. Thanks to reckless American frivolous use of oil coupled with China and India suddenly emulating America, the world rushed up to the top of the oil mountain and is now staring down the abyss of the other side.

We know, based on past statistical evidence, we climbed this oily mountain in less than 100 years and the downside will be about 100 years but this doesn't mean we have 100 years of fun, driving SUVs all over kingdom come, it merely means, every year from now on, oil will be more dear in price, less available and more difficult to extract. This means, from now on, no more cheap fuel. We can't cheat our way out of this by making the dollar cheaper and cheaper as oil gets more expensive. The limits of availability means the oil will be sold to the highest bidder and if dollars are tanking, the sellers will go to other currencies to solicit bids.

We are already deep in the Oil Wars as we try to use every tool we have, hook or crook, bribes or violent attacks, to assure ourselves of being able to sell oil at our price and our profit. Note how prices here at home climb relentlessly even after being assured two years ago that the oil spigots would turn on in Iraq and world prices would drop and we would all be able to run around in SUV heaven forever. I wrote, back in 2002. "Even if this were true, it changes nothing. Perhaps the Hubbert Oil Peak will occur in 2010 instead of 2008. Big deal. We still have to stop consuming so much oil and change our society".

Unfortunately for us, we not only didn't change our ways, we got the Chinese to join us in this madcap adventure and now the peak has arrived. All oil wells in the world are pumping like crazy and it is not enough anymore. This won't be fixed tomorrow. There are no more wells to fix this.

"But what about Alaska?" asks many people including Congress. Very simple: the oil wells already pumping there are pumping less and less each year now, they are in decline and will run out eventually. The potential new wells are harder to get to, harder to maintain and more costly to pump and when they go online, the older wells will be so exhausted, the new oil won't even begin to bring levels back to where they were when pumping first began in Alaska. This is the logic of the Hubbert Oil Peak. It doesn't mean there is no means that new discoveries can't catch up with ongoing depletion. Less and less is found each year and when old wells dry up, the new ones are fewer and less rich in oil and the aggregate amount begins a relentless, ETERNAL decline.

So, based on the statistics of the Hubbert Oil Peak, if we are at the peak today, this means it is almost too late to easily evade the consequences of living in a world of expensive fuel. One can live without much fuel, most of Africa is now living with virtually no modern energy systems. This means, of course, the people are starving, sick and live hard lives. Is this our plan? To replicate the present conditions of Africa? Mother Nature wields a sharp scythe. She is utterly indifferent about how comfortable we are, her plans are to keep things rolling along, if a mass die off is called for, she delivers gladly.

Which brings us back to Bush and the Apocalyptic people who voted for him. America is awash with "Raptured" people who want the Apocalypse to happen. I fear, this is one wish that will be granted! I read their material and wonder about them. How can someone be so blind to not only reality but the Bible? Revelations talks about "the Antichrist" and more than one End of Times writer struggles to find this person, NEVER looking at "Christians" but instead, at others. The Bible itself said, the Antichrist will be someone who says he is a Christian only he executes people, leads people into wars and takes from the poor and gives to the rich and...well, we have a few candidates, don't we!

So why is Bush talking about Social Security in fifty years? The professed Christian who recently tried to cut Medicaid, who passed a law in Texas mandating pulling life support from Medicaid patients, who holds the record on executions, whose tax cuts were totally geared towards helping the rich and is now claiming, due to falling revenues, we must cut aid to the poor more and more....this man wants us to be worried about a comfortable retirement in the far future. Frankly, he doesn't believe there is a far future because...he is an oil man, ran an oil drilling company. His family has been at this for 100 years now. They know oil. They know about the Hubbert Oil Peak. Bush and his dad and all his Texan oil buddies don't ever breathe a word about this in public.

Do you believe they don't know about this? It is to laugh. Hahaha. So why are they hiding this from us? I can't say, I can only speculate. They want us to embrace their future for us which is, we will become slaves and they will decide who lives and who dies. This all ties into the environment. Think Bush and his friends don't read the news? Don't know about the alarming news about pollution and depetion of all resources? Of course they do. They can't propose the obvious, natural solution: eliminate 2/3 of humanity. But note the utter lack of concern about the Boxing Day victims. Or the victims of any mass catastrophe. They really don't care. If we could see their plans for us, you can bet, most Americans will scream and rush out to stop them.

Way back in 2000 when Bush was running for President, he visited the nuclear missile silos that still hold weapons. He was cheered by the military workers there as he talked about the day when Christianity will triumph and their long wait at the silos will end with a great effort to cleanse the earth. When word of this speech leaked out, not only was it squelched, not one reporter pestered him about this and this speech fell off the face of the earth. The web site where I parked it has vanished so I can't even access it to prove it happened. Into the Memory Hole! Just like Bush laughing as he watched military training for dealing with antiamerican demonstrators: they pretended to kill every one of the demonstrators. This happened at the Pinelands training facility. I was very alarmed by this report and Reuters ran it for only an hour and as soon as I published on line my comments about this, it vanished.

The Apocalypticans believe that 2/3 of humanity will soon be killed in miserable suffering while the lucky ones will be "raptured" and will sit in a cheering section box like Bush did at Pinelands, laughing as the other humans are mowed down and after the carnage, they will return and take over the planet and this will fix the environment, the oil problem and the Social Security problem. No problemo!

Next question is, why is Bush telling these people to make no preparation for the End of Times? Why are his helpers writing books full of silly lies like, "You will be wafted to Heaven and then, when it is over, you will return and live in a new world"? Shades of Jim Jones and Stargate! Frankly, if you ask me, I believe the entire Bush family and all their hangerons who happen to belong to various cult groups like the Bohemian Club and the Skull and Bones, hate these End of Times Christians and can't wait to watch them be destroyed in WWIII as the nukes rain down on us. The Bushes spent $600 million last year on nuclear bomb shelters. How much did you spend? Anyone spend? I bet it is zero.

Bush doesn't want us to spend a penny on bomb shelters. I remember Eisenhower. He suggested we do exactly that because he genuinely feared WWIII and wanted us to survive this.

So, back to Social Security: to survive the coming future, to live through what will happen in fifty years, what is the prudent thing to do? What should we be worried about?

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Real News From the Washington Post...Really Dumb

The Washington Post tries to report about the CIA and it is a mess, a real mess

The CIA is like a black op hole. I grew up within the CIA. My father was OSS/ONI during WWII and he kept everything secret and his activities were so secret, except for what I could spy on my own, and I spied on my dad a great deal, his WWII activities were so secret, when General Patton wrote his autobiography, he leaves out every mention of my dad, refering to him only once as "that person".

I discovered in Germany that seemingly half of the former officers in the SS and Wehrmacht knew my father personally. Whaaaa? Some were actually scared of him! Whaaaa?

It wasn't until 1984 that some of his work was declassified and the BBC did a story about him and I was floored by what I learned (he basically ran the entire front that was sweeping in from the south/east, his authority superseded General Patton and Eisenhower made my father's overt cover as a NAVY officer! Just to mess with Patton's head!) ---I point this out to say, anything you read in the front end news feed about the CIA is...ALL LIES. They lie all the time. The Bushes lie reflexively but the CIA lies are mandated. They cannot tell the truth except to each other and trust me, they lie on that level, too.

The CIA has many levels and the senority has many levels. My father was pretty near the top but he didn't hobnob with anyone unless he had business with them. He was advisor to many Presidents from Roosevelt all the way to Nixon who kicked him out. Carter put him back in, Bush Sr kicked him out because of my activities at the UN during the Tiananmin Square suppression. Clinton put him back in. I used to joke, they should name the revolving door at CIA headquarters after you (they named one of the auxilary buildings).

Well, you can guess, my dad is now "out".

The truth: a good CIA officer always tells the President the Truth as best he can. When my father met Roosevelt in the dark days of WWII, Roosevelt told him, "Tell me everything and tell it to me directly, not to anyone else". Roosevelt knew that he was the one who had to make the hard choices and WWII was full of heart breaking choices. Truman, when he came into office, my father was deep inside Germany, running right ahead of the army, doing deep cover work. The day the Germans surrendered, my father was flown back to DC to report directly to Truman. This is how the CIA was concieved to work: like the heroic OSS.

Now we see the CIA turned into the whipping boy/patsy of the Bushes. NOT ONE FAKE DOCUMENT justifying war came from ANY CIA officer. Indeed, some alarmed specialists warned about the fake documents. So who was blamed for the blundering war mongering?

The ANALYSTS of the CIA who are, nearly to a person, hard working, good people. People like my father. They are now being brutally purged and replaced by neobots who will operate as if this were the KGB instead. This disgusting situation is going to greatly endanger America, we are already very unpopular. The delicate negotiations my father used to do in Asia can no longer be done, we send Condi there to stomp on everyone's toes and bring war closer. My father was so proud of his work in China. It is all wasted.

I could barely stand reading the WP article. It made me ill over and over again and I gave up. I wish this were a fake story written by pranksters. But it is real. Way real.

Fraud on the Internet

Jim, one of our readers, discovered that one of my news stories was actually a very elaborate fraud, the one about Vasectomies.

I like to tell the truth, even if I joke, misleading people isn't what this blog is about. We scan the web and comment on the news. Today, the news is so utterly bizarre that one can't "disbelieve" anything since there is a seeming explosion of insane or inane news, like this week, all these fundamentalists getting attached to feeding tubes. Wow.

It isn't "funny" nor does anyone learn a lesson if someone goes to great lengths to create a fake news story, ask Miller of the NYT, there are many people who want to know why she isn't in jail for destroying thousands of lives through her lies and fake stories! Way back in 1999, I ran a series at the NYT platforms called "George Bush Jr: The Automatic Autobiography". I used a tag to it to show everyone it was a JOKE. The real joke was, the pages were blank except for "I can't remember" and "You don't want to know what I did" and "Talk to my lawyer first if you want to read this chapter" and "Wild horses scare me and can't drag out the story of this chapter".

This fake book grew bigger and bigger until it became rather large and the NYT was visited by the head of the GOP at the time, Haley Barbour. His orders were to shut me down.

The editorial staff called me on the phone and we argued about this. They were worried about being sued. I said, "This is not only an obvious joke, I always start and end each episode with an explanation that this is a joke." They agreed that this made it a satire and not a fraud and was up and up. Haley told the NYT that if they didn't terminate my access to my account, they would never allow the NYT reporter onto the Bush campaign jet! I learned this from Romensko and the defunct magazine (I can't remember it right now). So, to please Bush, the NYT terminated me!

This began a really big fight between myself and the Bushes who know my father (this is a personal inter-CIA battle which the Bushes won, too bad for America).

So now I sit here, waiting for the next chess move. I used to be worried but Bush's rule is so inept he is stumbling all over himself trying to not drop poor Barney again. Pretzels! We need more pretzels!

After two hoax elections, one which had five Repubicans win with 18181 votes---a statistical near impossiblity if one were seeing random chance---I am in no mood for people pulling hoaxes.

With the Terminator running California, it is only going to be more and more insane. With "60 Minutes" fumblebumming the AWOL story thanks to what I believe to be a Karl Rove paper trail fraud....hoaxes are not funny nor do we learn anything from them except the lessons you get from hackers: you can't trust some jerks (um, a lesson to America concerning Bush, too).

Thanks for the patience!

Blog on!

Good Morning, NPR!

On the wonderful Eschaton blog run by Atrios, a poster there is discussing the bizarre choice to fill a National Press Club panel with porn posters rather than liberal bloggers:

(No, Guckert is on the panel for the same reason Wonkette is: anal sex. Jeff gets paid to give it and Anna Marie gets paid to talk about it)

Not that there's anything WRONG with that. NPR nearly made me wreck my car today. They were announcing their upcomming program about the culture of life! They said "we want to hear from our conservitive friends." Fuck NPR. I haven't given them turkee for 2 year now.
bigvic | Email | Homepage | 03.30.05 - 12:20 am | #

The Culture of Life is just something the right wing spat out hoping to drap their coffin on wheels with some sort of respectability. Since they steal the rhetoric of the left all the time, I felt it was time to return the favor and steal the code words they use to decieve. I am serious about the Culture of Life for this is what we call Mother Nature: the ecosphere of our embattled planet. Every flower and every butterfly as well as whales and elephants and trees are part of the Culture of Life. We are all riding on this Ark in Space and we better keep it clean and orderly and well endowed and not muck it all up or it will sink with us, too. Even though Bush and Cheney spent over $600 million last year building more nuclear proof bomb shelters (shows you how confident they are that their policies and the missile shield will work) this won't save them because, as living organisms (maybe) they won't be able to survive in a nuclear blasted landscape and their daughters won't concieve babies that will be healthy.

It is important for the left to wrangle the phrase "Culture of Life" away from these Apocalypic death worshippers. WE are the life! We are cutured! And we will fight to save the true Culture of Life!

Amen, brothers and sisters.

My Interview with Lee Dye for ABC Science News

Should the Government Help You Buy a Solar Panel?was published by the ever wonderful Lee Dye last summer. It made no splash because the government and the media were all boasting "oil prices will plummet by....MARCH, 2005, it will be very cheap, around $20 a barrel".


Make that $2.00+ a gallon. The staggering hike in oil prices in this half a year has made it very imperative that my interview gets another look. It is amazing to see, suddenly, this last three months, the Hubbert Oil Peak is mentioned in mainstream news media as if this is the miraculous birth of a child of a Virgin Oil Well. I have lectured about this crisis, and we are in the middle of the opening chapter of a very great crisis...since 1974. Much of what I wrote or talked about on TV years ago isn't on the net, alas. Just trust me, this has been one of the greater topics that I have worried about much of my life. The side effect of not preparing for the fight over oil resources is the possibility of having a nuclear war. So my two great worries, WWIII and the coming Real Dark Ages, are twins attached at the hip to each other.

Around March 13, 2005, the words "Hubbert Oil Peak" appears in the New York Times. At the BBC they have been talking about this for about one year.

This is all so very late. Back in 1974, I predicted, "The window of opportunity to alter the way we use energy will begin to close right at the Hubbert Oil Peak which will be around the turn of the century", and you can imagine my rising alarm, as we approached 2000 and the reckless choices Americans were collectively is time to panic. The cost of retrofitting our way out of whack culture rises exponentially.

Bush and the GOP are desperately trying to convince us that everything is going great and we will all be wealthy and happy all our lives and at the same time are yelling that we won't be able to fund our medical care or our retirement money or anything in the future because Bush and Cheney are....oil men. And you can bet, they are very versed in the matter of the Hubbert Oil Peak. Why the media refused to talk about this until this late in the game?

Here is the very first time 'The Hubbert Oil Peak' is mentioned in Congress, to a nearly empty House! March 14, 2005. That is, last week. Please read what the good Congressman from Maryland had to say. What is most amazing is, how little this speech resonated. It wasn't headlined in the press, it wasn't all over TV broadcasting and worse, Bush, the party leader, a fellow Republican, said nothing. Why?

Sigh. I can't read his mind (sometimes I wonder if he is fed via a tube to the stomach). I am alarmed. We have to do something. Now.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Bolton Can't Represent USA at UN

59 American Ex-Diplomats Oppose Bolton

"He is the wrong man for this position," they said in a letter to Sen. Richard Lugar, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The Indiana Republican has scheduled hearings on Bolton's nomination for April 7.

"We urge you to reject that nomination," the former diplomats said in a letter obtained by The Associated Press and dated Tuesday.

The ex-diplomats have served in both Democratic and Republican administrations.

I don't blame them. It is like nominating Wally Walrus.
Next, Woody Woodpecker for Supreme Court Justice? I know I would sleep better if Popeye replaced Rummy in the Pentagon.

Alan Bock of Looks Into Cheney's Eyes and Sees a Human

Bock's recent article at muses about the empire, oil and Social Security and the massive, expensive visit Cheney bestowed upon Bock's hometown newspaper and this is what he concludes:

Perhaps the most important thing to take from this is that he is a man like any other man. He has more power and more experience wielding power than most of us. But he's a human being, and one with persistent health problems – his aides wanted to make sure he didn't have anything caffeinated. He has strong points and weak points. But despite the pomp that surrounded his visit, he's just one of us. The empire is not staffed by the great and powerful Oz behind the curtain but by fallible human beings. There are no gods or demigods guiding policy. And that's one of the reasons, despite its toxic growth during the last several years, that this empire will eventually become an artifact of history.

First, dear Bock, did you ever see the movie, "The Wizard of Oz?

It is a famous movie musical with many memorable lines but I also recall, little Toto runs up to the curtain hiding the Wizard and yanks it aside showing a miserable, fat carny man who is pretty much a powerful fake. This didn't mean the Wizard wasn't running things, he did run things. And being the RULER of Oz, he was RESPONSIBLE for what happened there including public order. This Wizard wasn't looting Oz so he had a great deal of popularity with the people. The Cheney Wizard isn't popular at all which is why he is so fearful. If Cheney were "one of us" he wouldn't be surrounded by armed guards who keep all humans far away so Cheney won't have to face the music. Dorothy, as I recall, chewed out the Wizard of Oz and he couldn't evade her demands. If Dorothy were at this meeting in Orange County, CA, she would have been arrested and hustled from the building.

Instead, like all his media whore buddies, Bock, the antiwar activist on the right, sat there like he was a mini Toto and gushed over the fact that Cheney wasn't a dragon with three heads.

Oil: we are at the Hubbert Oil Peak and oilman, Cheney, knows this. Not only did he not talk about it at all, he wasn't questioned about this dire matter. The official line at is, this war isn't about oil and the empire isn't about oil, it is about foolish democracy building overseas. This is why will remain a futile effort at trying to turn a tide. They think the America doesn't have to fundamentally change to save itself. They think, make the government small and we will all be millionaires.

There is no shortcut to the future that involves us all becoming filthy rich. There is but two roads: the broad, well paved imperial war for oil road which is WWIII and nuclear annihilation or there is the restructuring of society to function without oil road which is a rough path that will not be comfortable to the feet, even with shoes. Each American can make choices about who to follow and which path to walk and this choice is literally life and death. The Wicked Witch is going to win this one if Dorothy doesn't corner the Wizard and make him keep his promises.

What is particularily unpleasant is Bock enthusing about how "this empire will be come an artifact of history"---this means our cities a smoldering, mouldering ruins and our democracy a dim memory like the Great Ozymandias which, incidentally, Baum used to create the name of the land of Oz.

Yerkes Observatory and the Hubble Space Telescope, I Weep for Both

So, they are selling The world's biggest refracting telescope to developers who want to build over my childhood dreamworld! I am sorry I lost the name of the friend who blogged this news to me (THANK YOU AGAIN) but this really hurts.

I said to my daughter, "Why don't they just drop the Hubble Space Telescope on Yerkes? Make it a two for one."

I was literally born at Yerkes back when my father was director of the observatory. I crawled around on the mosaics of the constellations in the front lobby and this is where I discovered Pegasus, my dear heavenly horse. The stone sculture of Apollo and his chariot was so impressed upon my mind, I could recall its shape exactly all my life. Growing up there was like living in a scientific Disneyland and the grounds were like Central Park, beautifully groomed, huge, and it was all mine most of the time.

I had a goose and a collie and we would wander around the many acres of parkland in the long summer days and fireflies lit the trees up like the fourth of July in June.

The Hubble Space Telescope---my father was part of the team that created the first space telescope but in 1969, it plunged into the sea right after take off. We then went to Congress to get another one up. They were reluctant. I wrote for the newsmedia, "We will see the Hand of God at the moment of Creation" and indeed, the Hubble has been a never ending wonder, we are like people with bad vision suddenly seeing the beauty of the world when given a pair of glasses.

Well...a sardonic note. When Reagan wanted to talk about space exploration at his State of the Union, it blew up. Reagan wasn't all that serious about space exploration, anyway. He wanted Star Wars and domination of the Universe, on the cheap, of course.

Then Bush II wanted to talk about going to Mars and the Space Shuttle disintigrates right over Palestine, Texas, going down in flames. I say, we should pass a law forbidding Presidents from talking about space exploration whenever anything is being launched.

The world has just witness a great boom in telescope construction. Much of this has been happening elsewhere. The competition to see who can see the furthest and the most is very strong. Yet here, I sense a weakening of will. The physics of the Big Bang and understanding how galaxies formed and how curved space is (it is VERY twisted with some really awesomely deep creases) is roiling the astronomical world as we see more and more we understand less and less which is a good thing because a new physics/astronomic revolution is underway! When Corpernicus first published his revolutionary works, the word "revolution" became a code word for great change. And we are just in the very beginning of a new great revolution and America's political class could care less. Indeed, their followers actively hate astronomy and hate science and want to live the technological easy living life while spurning the creation machine that makes this all possible!

This is probably why the Deepest View of Galaxies project was pretty much ignored by the news media. The closer we get to seeing the Hand of God at the Moment of Creation, the less attention the media and many Americans attend to this. Willful blindness will now become actual blindness as we ponder destroying the greatest telescope built by humans on earth.

The end of Yerkes and the end of Hubble both make me very sad.

IMPORTANT!!!! Please Sign This Petition at the Agonist!

The Agonist is running a petition directed at the National Press Bordello.

The press whores are gathering together to hear fellow online/White House prostitute, the multi talented multi named Gannon/Gluckert to hear about how horrible we bloggers are for uncovering the unholy alliance of right wing sex/political attack machine and how to stop us.

As "balance" they will have the Maureen wannabe, wacky weak Wonkette. She is a wanna be whore who wants to join them in attacking us, there is money to be made, servicing the ruling class!

Please visit the Agonist and e-mail your contribution to the petition at

We are beyond being a thorn in the sides of the real rulers, we are causing them real hurt and they hate this with a passion. They imagine that if they scream over and over, "Pay no attention to those people, they are lying" that this will quiet the storm of passion on the left. We are angry, we are on the move and we won't shut up. As someone who used to be put on the air long ago to "debate" the right wing, only to be cut off while the right winger rages on and on at me, I really am fed up with these naked attempts at silencing us.

Hope to see you all on the petition! And thank you, Agonist, for organizing this!

Monday, March 28, 2005

The Earth Is Very Much Alive and Kicking

13 big quakes along the subduction zone off Sumatra, 8.7 to 4.9 in one day

Statistically, in one year, earth has about one 8.0+ earthquake. This last four months has seen more than half a dozen including one which was one of the greatest quakes in the history of recording them scientifically, the Boxing Day Great Sumatran Quake.

Scientists ponder meaning of second great quake

Earthquake or aftershock? For thousands of Indonesians digging out from the latest devastating geologic jolt, the question is academic. Monday's earthquake was a catastrophic exclamation point on what has been a harrowing three months on Sumatra and surrounding islands.

But for scientists, the magnitude 8.7 quake also poses a vexing problem. Was the event a seismological shrug following the cataclysmic Dec. 26th earthquake -- the fourth-largest on record, spawning a tsunami that left nearly 300,000 people dead or missing throughout the Indian Ocean basin?

It has been around two a month this last half a year! Note that many of the people interviewed in this article thought this was a "mere" 8.0 quake when it was an 8.9 one which is ten times more powerful.

These statistics are warped by the recent rash of great quakes since they skew the averages. If we exclude them, the average would be one great quake every two years.

Something is at work here. Geologists are cautious about this but for some reason, the Australian plate is moving, rapidly now. We have major earthquakes in the North Pole and along the edge of the Antarctica/Australian plates. Global warming might cause geological activity to increase in violence and velocity. Perhaps, one of the reasons why global warming periods in the past ended suddenly is because the warming planet changes the balance so much, the continents are freer to move and this produces what we will be seeing a lot more: volcanic activity.

A chorus of volcanoes are awake now and are spewing ash into the atmosphere and if any of the Great Volcanoes of Sumatra wake up, they have, even as recently as the 1880s, changed the weather drastically and altered the balance of nature, and Krakatoa was one of the smallest volcanic expolsions there. The one 76,000 years ago nearly wiped out all humans.

This isn't merely a problem for the good people of Indonesia, we have our very own Toba here, Beautiful but deadly Yellowstone Park.

Someone warn Fox network!

Indecency Party Poopers Attack Media

The television and radio industries are about to come under renewed attack over sex, violence and profanity in their programming, both in Congress and at the Federal Communications Commission.

Leading lawmakers and the new leader of the F.C.C. have proposed a broad expansion of indecency rules, which were significantly toughened just last year. They are also looking for significant increases in the size of fines and new procedures that could jeopardize the licenses of stations that repeatedly violate the rules.

No more dirty dirty TV. The old Chinese curse, may your wishes come true hits home with this. Fox wanted these killjoys and now has to obey their commands! Too funny, good thing I no longer watch American TV.

Go to Iraq, lose children, home, life news:

Hip hip hooray. We put magnetic ribbons on our gas guzzlers, wave goodbye to our soldiers and then take everything they own, even the kids, and sell them off to the highest bidder. Geeze, and the Pentagon wonders why no one is enlisting!

For Some Soldiers, Battle Reaches Home Front

COLONIE -- Debra Terpening understands combat. Deployed in two wars for the Air National Guard, she helped evacuate injured soldiers. Her first Iraq case was a 22-year-old female double amputee run over by a tank in 2003.

What Maj. Terpening didn't expect was that her war work would launch a home battle for custody of her son. She says being in the service hurt her case.

"Had anyone told me that I could lose custody because of my military service, I never would have joined," said Terpening, 45, of Latham, who is the officer in charge of operations for the 139th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron in Glenville. She also works at the state Labor Department.

The Iraq war has spawned custody skirmishes across the country. U.S. soldiers complain their spouses wait until they leave to seek the upper hand in court. Unlike other wars, this time, many of those who fight are reservists in their 30s and 40s. And the divorce rates are higher than in prior eras.

"Some people pounce on this as an opportunity to get things their way," said Kathy Moakler, deputy director of government relations of the National Military Family Association. "Custody has been a quagmire for a long time and it's not necessarily favored the military person."

The article is like all the others about the war: full of brutal dealings for our soldiers. Like earlier this week, articles detailing how they lose their homes and cars by being foreclosed even though this is against the law! Way to go! Die for America but if you survive, fark you! Incredible. Aside from not providing armor, hey! See a pattern armor, no peace plans, no brains in the Pentagon, but that's OK, the soldier is not supposed to come home!

It was just the last few days we saw a flurry of articles claiming all was well, too! Still don't see editorials saying, "Bring The Troops Home" but then, we were told by the Swift Boat Liars that Kerry was evil for wanting to stop the Vietnam slaughter....!

A new day, a new blog

I am transfering my blog to here because, being rather inept at computer programming, I messed with the files of the previous blog and lost access...rats. Hit myself with a hammer but not on the fingers! I am losing the postings from the previous attempt, so please pardon me! Hope I get the hang of this before I get hangnail.:(

Culture of Life News


Today is the first day of Culture of Life News. Since America is run by a political party that seems very conflicted about life issues it behooves me (I do not have hooves, my horse has them!) to plumb their deaths and figure out what makes these people tick because they tick me off.

Every day is a cornicopia of Culture of Life News as our media try to stumble along, playing the Weak Chorus for this confused party of hypocritical people. A brief daily look at the news reveals to the shrinking eye, a blasted landscape of hilarious contridictions and joyless Jesus huskering.

They ruined Christmas which Mother Nature dealt with by washing away a quarter million people, something the media/religious nuts tried to ignore but finally couldn't. Now they ruined Easter/Oestre. They attacked the Easter Bunny which is unforgivable and they howled and keened about a dying white woman while pulling the plug on a little black baby, Sun Hudson.

Next, they will ruin Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, I am betting. Keep your eyes open! Fun, fun, fun in Fundie America!

NYT Looks At Drunk Bush and Sees a Demidemon

The inevitable Elisabeth Bumiller puzzles about Bush yet again. President Bush's New Public Face 'Impishly Fun'talks about how bizarre Bush is without talking about how obvious this is due to being four sheets to the gale:

George W. Bush has been acting like a man liberated from the American presidency.

At an event in Denver last Monday, he mused that sending out quarterly statements for the individual investment accounts he wants to add to Social Security could encourage people to pay more attention to government but then chuckled that investors might conclude from tepid returns that "maybe we ought to change presidents or something."

At a news conference last week, Mr. Bush joked that he did not have the time "to sit around and wander, lonely, in the Oval Office, kind of asking different portraits, 'How do you think my standing will be?' "

And at the end of an interview with a Belgian television correspondent last month, Mr. Bush blurted out to the young woman that she had "great eyes," glanced away slyly and then a little sheepishly, but for the most part seemed sorry that the session was over.

OK. Right.

We are indeed fortunate this IMP didn't rip her clothes off or give her a pet name like "Big Boobies" or throw up in her lap. But isn't it interesting that the Times and the WH like to call this crazy man "impish". According to what I know of imps and I know many imps, Bush is being called a minor demon, the sort that irritate people in the upper circles of hell or come to this earth to tip over milk buckets of milk maids or stain the laundry or track in mud the minute mom is done doing the floors.

THIS is the creature running America.


Delay Pulls Daddy's Plug, Goes Insane and Now Pulls America's Plug

The wonderful people at Buzzflash nail Delay again, a must read

From the Washington Post: "For all of Tom DeLay's public espousal of Christian values, particularly his deep commitment to family, he privately has nursed a terrible estrangement from his own mother and three siblings. After the 1988 death of his father and the rise of his career in Washington, DeLay cut off contact with all three siblings, and seven years ago he stopped attending DeLay family gatherings. He has not seen or talked to his mother, Maxine, in two years, even though she lives about 10 miles away from Sugar Land; nor did he invite any of them to his daughter's 1999 wedding or even mention his mother in the published wedding announcement. "

OK. We get it. Not only does one have to be a certifiable nut case to run Congress, one has to be a total hypocrite, too. Not a partial one, but 100% dyed in the wool creep. As the GOP lectures us about marriage, they should know, they get married over and over and over again, they lecture us about our kids as if their drunken drugged up minions are respectable, they also tell us about how to have Family Love, too. Like characters in an Agatha Christie murder mystery, obviously. The King Lear Family Values Party! Whoopee.

In my own family, the more GOP the person is, the more they hate their own siblings. The more Christian they are, the more difficult they are to interact with for more than ten minutes. I assume from talking to others, this rule seems to be identical across America. What ails these people?

Is their reptilian brain stems not getting enough seratonin?