Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Alan Bock of Antiwar.com Looks Into Cheney's Eyes and Sees a Human

Bock's recent article at Antiwar.com muses about the empire, oil and Social Security and the massive, expensive visit Cheney bestowed upon Bock's hometown newspaper and this is what he concludes:

Perhaps the most important thing to take from this is that he is a man like any other man. He has more power and more experience wielding power than most of us. But he's a human being, and one with persistent health problems – his aides wanted to make sure he didn't have anything caffeinated. He has strong points and weak points. But despite the pomp that surrounded his visit, he's just one of us. The empire is not staffed by the great and powerful Oz behind the curtain but by fallible human beings. There are no gods or demigods guiding policy. And that's one of the reasons, despite its toxic growth during the last several years, that this empire will eventually become an artifact of history.

First, dear Bock, did you ever see the movie, "The Wizard of Oz?

It is a famous movie musical with many memorable lines but I also recall, little Toto runs up to the curtain hiding the Wizard and yanks it aside showing a miserable, fat carny man who is pretty much a powerful fake. This didn't mean the Wizard wasn't running things, he did run things. And being the RULER of Oz, he was RESPONSIBLE for what happened there including public order. This Wizard wasn't looting Oz so he had a great deal of popularity with the people. The Cheney Wizard isn't popular at all which is why he is so fearful. If Cheney were "one of us" he wouldn't be surrounded by armed guards who keep all humans far away so Cheney won't have to face the music. Dorothy, as I recall, chewed out the Wizard of Oz and he couldn't evade her demands. If Dorothy were at this meeting in Orange County, CA, she would have been arrested and hustled from the building.

Instead, like all his media whore buddies, Bock, the antiwar activist on the right, sat there like he was a mini Toto and gushed over the fact that Cheney wasn't a dragon with three heads.

Oil: we are at the Hubbert Oil Peak and oilman, Cheney, knows this. Not only did he not talk about it at all, he wasn't questioned about this dire matter. The official line at Antiwar.com is, this war isn't about oil and the empire isn't about oil, it is about foolish democracy building overseas. This is why Antiwar.com will remain a futile effort at trying to turn a tide. They think the America doesn't have to fundamentally change to save itself. They think, make the government small and we will all be millionaires.

There is no shortcut to the future that involves us all becoming filthy rich. There is but two roads: the broad, well paved imperial war for oil road which is WWIII and nuclear annihilation or there is the restructuring of society to function without oil road which is a rough path that will not be comfortable to the feet, even with shoes. Each American can make choices about who to follow and which path to walk and this choice is literally life and death. The Wicked Witch is going to win this one if Dorothy doesn't corner the Wizard and make him keep his promises.

What is particularily unpleasant is Bock enthusing about how "this empire will be come an artifact of history"---this means our cities a smoldering, mouldering ruins and our democracy a dim memory like the Great Ozymandias which, incidentally, Baum used to create the name of the land of Oz.

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