Thursday, March 31, 2005

Clairvoyance and Fixing Social Security

Don't we all wish we could see the future? This would mean, of course, that we couldn't change anything, since the future is inevitable if we see it. Illustration: you try to avoid being hit by a car and succeed only to be hit a minute later by a truck.

Right now, Bush and his merry band have decided the number one issue to debate isn't the raging river of red ink in our Federal budget nor is it about the wisdom of invading Iraq nor is it about the trade deficit or our currency. They want us to talk about the future in thirty to fifty year time frames. Projecting ahead more than ten years even is very difficult. Projecting ahead more than that is nearly impossible. One can to this with certain things like population projections using various variables or understanding cyclic things that happen with a certain amount of regularity.

The entire Bush effort to "reform" Social Security is based entirely and only upon worker/retiree ratios in the projected future. If this were the only problem we face, piece of cake! A simple alteration of any of the limited variables fixes this problem, no sweat. As per usual, Bush wants radical fixes that will be, like his tax cuts, singularily inept at fixing any of the supposed future problems.

The real problem with looking into the murky future is the refusal of most Americans to look at and understand the real disaster that is occuding our potential future. As the clock ticks, this potential future approaches with relentless intent. It can't be evaded, it won't dissappear if we look the other way, we can't fix it by accelerating our hunt for it, it is inevitable and unfortunately for us, we will be forced to live with the straightjacket parameters of this future. More and more geologists and experts in the oil exploration business are saying, we have reached the Hubbert Oil Peak this very year. Thanks to reckless American frivolous use of oil coupled with China and India suddenly emulating America, the world rushed up to the top of the oil mountain and is now staring down the abyss of the other side.

We know, based on past statistical evidence, we climbed this oily mountain in less than 100 years and the downside will be about 100 years but this doesn't mean we have 100 years of fun, driving SUVs all over kingdom come, it merely means, every year from now on, oil will be more dear in price, less available and more difficult to extract. This means, from now on, no more cheap fuel. We can't cheat our way out of this by making the dollar cheaper and cheaper as oil gets more expensive. The limits of availability means the oil will be sold to the highest bidder and if dollars are tanking, the sellers will go to other currencies to solicit bids.

We are already deep in the Oil Wars as we try to use every tool we have, hook or crook, bribes or violent attacks, to assure ourselves of being able to sell oil at our price and our profit. Note how prices here at home climb relentlessly even after being assured two years ago that the oil spigots would turn on in Iraq and world prices would drop and we would all be able to run around in SUV heaven forever. I wrote, back in 2002. "Even if this were true, it changes nothing. Perhaps the Hubbert Oil Peak will occur in 2010 instead of 2008. Big deal. We still have to stop consuming so much oil and change our society".

Unfortunately for us, we not only didn't change our ways, we got the Chinese to join us in this madcap adventure and now the peak has arrived. All oil wells in the world are pumping like crazy and it is not enough anymore. This won't be fixed tomorrow. There are no more wells to fix this.

"But what about Alaska?" asks many people including Congress. Very simple: the oil wells already pumping there are pumping less and less each year now, they are in decline and will run out eventually. The potential new wells are harder to get to, harder to maintain and more costly to pump and when they go online, the older wells will be so exhausted, the new oil won't even begin to bring levels back to where they were when pumping first began in Alaska. This is the logic of the Hubbert Oil Peak. It doesn't mean there is no means that new discoveries can't catch up with ongoing depletion. Less and less is found each year and when old wells dry up, the new ones are fewer and less rich in oil and the aggregate amount begins a relentless, ETERNAL decline.

So, based on the statistics of the Hubbert Oil Peak, if we are at the peak today, this means it is almost too late to easily evade the consequences of living in a world of expensive fuel. One can live without much fuel, most of Africa is now living with virtually no modern energy systems. This means, of course, the people are starving, sick and live hard lives. Is this our plan? To replicate the present conditions of Africa? Mother Nature wields a sharp scythe. She is utterly indifferent about how comfortable we are, her plans are to keep things rolling along, if a mass die off is called for, she delivers gladly.

Which brings us back to Bush and the Apocalyptic people who voted for him. America is awash with "Raptured" people who want the Apocalypse to happen. I fear, this is one wish that will be granted! I read their material and wonder about them. How can someone be so blind to not only reality but the Bible? Revelations talks about "the Antichrist" and more than one End of Times writer struggles to find this person, NEVER looking at "Christians" but instead, at others. The Bible itself said, the Antichrist will be someone who says he is a Christian only he executes people, leads people into wars and takes from the poor and gives to the rich and...well, we have a few candidates, don't we!

So why is Bush talking about Social Security in fifty years? The professed Christian who recently tried to cut Medicaid, who passed a law in Texas mandating pulling life support from Medicaid patients, who holds the record on executions, whose tax cuts were totally geared towards helping the rich and is now claiming, due to falling revenues, we must cut aid to the poor more and more....this man wants us to be worried about a comfortable retirement in the far future. Frankly, he doesn't believe there is a far future because...he is an oil man, ran an oil drilling company. His family has been at this for 100 years now. They know oil. They know about the Hubbert Oil Peak. Bush and his dad and all his Texan oil buddies don't ever breathe a word about this in public.

Do you believe they don't know about this? It is to laugh. Hahaha. So why are they hiding this from us? I can't say, I can only speculate. They want us to embrace their future for us which is, we will become slaves and they will decide who lives and who dies. This all ties into the environment. Think Bush and his friends don't read the news? Don't know about the alarming news about pollution and depetion of all resources? Of course they do. They can't propose the obvious, natural solution: eliminate 2/3 of humanity. But note the utter lack of concern about the Boxing Day victims. Or the victims of any mass catastrophe. They really don't care. If we could see their plans for us, you can bet, most Americans will scream and rush out to stop them.

Way back in 2000 when Bush was running for President, he visited the nuclear missile silos that still hold weapons. He was cheered by the military workers there as he talked about the day when Christianity will triumph and their long wait at the silos will end with a great effort to cleanse the earth. When word of this speech leaked out, not only was it squelched, not one reporter pestered him about this and this speech fell off the face of the earth. The web site where I parked it has vanished so I can't even access it to prove it happened. Into the Memory Hole! Just like Bush laughing as he watched military training for dealing with antiamerican demonstrators: they pretended to kill every one of the demonstrators. This happened at the Pinelands training facility. I was very alarmed by this report and Reuters ran it for only an hour and as soon as I published on line my comments about this, it vanished.

The Apocalypticans believe that 2/3 of humanity will soon be killed in miserable suffering while the lucky ones will be "raptured" and will sit in a cheering section box like Bush did at Pinelands, laughing as the other humans are mowed down and after the carnage, they will return and take over the planet and this will fix the environment, the oil problem and the Social Security problem. No problemo!

Next question is, why is Bush telling these people to make no preparation for the End of Times? Why are his helpers writing books full of silly lies like, "You will be wafted to Heaven and then, when it is over, you will return and live in a new world"? Shades of Jim Jones and Stargate! Frankly, if you ask me, I believe the entire Bush family and all their hangerons who happen to belong to various cult groups like the Bohemian Club and the Skull and Bones, hate these End of Times Christians and can't wait to watch them be destroyed in WWIII as the nukes rain down on us. The Bushes spent $600 million last year on nuclear bomb shelters. How much did you spend? Anyone spend? I bet it is zero.

Bush doesn't want us to spend a penny on bomb shelters. I remember Eisenhower. He suggested we do exactly that because he genuinely feared WWIII and wanted us to survive this.

So, back to Social Security: to survive the coming future, to live through what will happen in fifty years, what is the prudent thing to do? What should we be worried about?

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