Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Fraud on the Internet

Jim, one of our readers, discovered that one of my news stories was actually a very elaborate fraud, the one about Vasectomies.

I like to tell the truth, even if I joke, misleading people isn't what this blog is about. We scan the web and comment on the news. Today, the news is so utterly bizarre that one can't "disbelieve" anything since there is a seeming explosion of insane or inane news, like this week, all these fundamentalists getting attached to feeding tubes. Wow.

It isn't "funny" nor does anyone learn a lesson if someone goes to great lengths to create a fake news story, ask Miller of the NYT, there are many people who want to know why she isn't in jail for destroying thousands of lives through her lies and fake stories! Way back in 1999, I ran a series at the NYT platforms called "George Bush Jr: The Automatic Autobiography". I used a tag to it to show everyone it was a JOKE. The real joke was, the pages were blank except for "I can't remember" and "You don't want to know what I did" and "Talk to my lawyer first if you want to read this chapter" and "Wild horses scare me and can't drag out the story of this chapter".

This fake book grew bigger and bigger until it became rather large and the NYT was visited by the head of the GOP at the time, Haley Barbour. His orders were to shut me down.

The editorial staff called me on the phone and we argued about this. They were worried about being sued. I said, "This is not only an obvious joke, I always start and end each episode with an explanation that this is a joke." They agreed that this made it a satire and not a fraud and was up and up. Haley told the NYT that if they didn't terminate my access to my account, they would never allow the NYT reporter onto the Bush campaign jet! I learned this from Romensko and the defunct magazine (I can't remember it right now). So, to please Bush, the NYT terminated me!

This began a really big fight between myself and the Bushes who know my father (this is a personal inter-CIA battle which the Bushes won, too bad for America).

So now I sit here, waiting for the next chess move. I used to be worried but Bush's rule is so inept he is stumbling all over himself trying to not drop poor Barney again. Pretzels! We need more pretzels!

After two hoax elections, one which had five Repubicans win with 18181 votes---a statistical near impossiblity if one were seeing random chance---I am in no mood for people pulling hoaxes.

With the Terminator running California, it is only going to be more and more insane. With "60 Minutes" fumblebumming the AWOL story thanks to what I believe to be a Karl Rove paper trail fraud....hoaxes are not funny nor do we learn anything from them except the lessons you get from hackers: you can't trust some jerks (um, a lesson to America concerning Bush, too).

Thanks for the patience!

Blog on!

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