Monday, March 28, 2005

Go to Iraq, lose children, home, life news:

Hip hip hooray. We put magnetic ribbons on our gas guzzlers, wave goodbye to our soldiers and then take everything they own, even the kids, and sell them off to the highest bidder. Geeze, and the Pentagon wonders why no one is enlisting!

For Some Soldiers, Battle Reaches Home Front

COLONIE -- Debra Terpening understands combat. Deployed in two wars for the Air National Guard, she helped evacuate injured soldiers. Her first Iraq case was a 22-year-old female double amputee run over by a tank in 2003.

What Maj. Terpening didn't expect was that her war work would launch a home battle for custody of her son. She says being in the service hurt her case.

"Had anyone told me that I could lose custody because of my military service, I never would have joined," said Terpening, 45, of Latham, who is the officer in charge of operations for the 139th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron in Glenville. She also works at the state Labor Department.

The Iraq war has spawned custody skirmishes across the country. U.S. soldiers complain their spouses wait until they leave to seek the upper hand in court. Unlike other wars, this time, many of those who fight are reservists in their 30s and 40s. And the divorce rates are higher than in prior eras.

"Some people pounce on this as an opportunity to get things their way," said Kathy Moakler, deputy director of government relations of the National Military Family Association. "Custody has been a quagmire for a long time and it's not necessarily favored the military person."

The article is like all the others about the war: full of brutal dealings for our soldiers. Like earlier this week, articles detailing how they lose their homes and cars by being foreclosed even though this is against the law! Way to go! Die for America but if you survive, fark you! Incredible. Aside from not providing armor, hey! See a pattern armor, no peace plans, no brains in the Pentagon, but that's OK, the soldier is not supposed to come home!

It was just the last few days we saw a flurry of articles claiming all was well, too! Still don't see editorials saying, "Bring The Troops Home" but then, we were told by the Swift Boat Liars that Kerry was evil for wanting to stop the Vietnam slaughter....!

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