Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Good Morning, NPR!

On the wonderful Eschaton blog run by Atrios, a poster there is discussing the bizarre choice to fill a National Press Club panel with porn posters rather than liberal bloggers:

(No, Guckert is on the panel for the same reason Wonkette is: anal sex. Jeff gets paid to give it and Anna Marie gets paid to talk about it)

Not that there's anything WRONG with that. NPR nearly made me wreck my car today. They were announcing their upcomming program about the culture of life! They said "we want to hear from our conservitive friends." Fuck NPR. I haven't given them turkee for 2 year now.
bigvic | Email | Homepage | 03.30.05 - 12:20 am | #

The Culture of Life is just something the right wing spat out hoping to drap their coffin on wheels with some sort of respectability. Since they steal the rhetoric of the left all the time, I felt it was time to return the favor and steal the code words they use to decieve. I am serious about the Culture of Life for this is what we call Mother Nature: the ecosphere of our embattled planet. Every flower and every butterfly as well as whales and elephants and trees are part of the Culture of Life. We are all riding on this Ark in Space and we better keep it clean and orderly and well endowed and not muck it all up or it will sink with us, too. Even though Bush and Cheney spent over $600 million last year building more nuclear proof bomb shelters (shows you how confident they are that their policies and the missile shield will work) this won't save them because, as living organisms (maybe) they won't be able to survive in a nuclear blasted landscape and their daughters won't concieve babies that will be healthy.

It is important for the left to wrangle the phrase "Culture of Life" away from these Apocalypic death worshippers. WE are the life! We are cutured! And we will fight to save the true Culture of Life!

Amen, brothers and sisters.

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