Tuesday, March 29, 2005

IMPORTANT!!!! Please Sign This Petition at the Agonist!

The Agonist is running a petition directed at the National Press Bordello.

The press whores are gathering together to hear fellow online/White House prostitute, the multi talented multi named Gannon/Gluckert to hear about how horrible we bloggers are for uncovering the unholy alliance of right wing sex/political attack machine and how to stop us.

As "balance" they will have the Maureen wannabe, wacky weak Wonkette. She is a wanna be whore who wants to join them in attacking us, there is money to be made, servicing the ruling class!

Please visit the Agonist and e-mail your contribution to the petition at seanpaul@agonist.org

We are beyond being a thorn in the sides of the real rulers, we are causing them real hurt and they hate this with a passion. They imagine that if they scream over and over, "Pay no attention to those people, they are lying" that this will quiet the storm of passion on the left. We are angry, we are on the move and we won't shut up. As someone who used to be put on the air long ago to "debate" the right wing, only to be cut off while the right winger rages on and on at me, I really am fed up with these naked attempts at silencing us.

Hope to see you all on the petition! And thank you, Agonist, for organizing this!

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