Wednesday, March 30, 2005

My Interview with Lee Dye for ABC Science News

Should the Government Help You Buy a Solar Panel?was published by the ever wonderful Lee Dye last summer. It made no splash because the government and the media were all boasting "oil prices will plummet by....MARCH, 2005, it will be very cheap, around $20 a barrel".


Make that $2.00+ a gallon. The staggering hike in oil prices in this half a year has made it very imperative that my interview gets another look. It is amazing to see, suddenly, this last three months, the Hubbert Oil Peak is mentioned in mainstream news media as if this is the miraculous birth of a child of a Virgin Oil Well. I have lectured about this crisis, and we are in the middle of the opening chapter of a very great crisis...since 1974. Much of what I wrote or talked about on TV years ago isn't on the net, alas. Just trust me, this has been one of the greater topics that I have worried about much of my life. The side effect of not preparing for the fight over oil resources is the possibility of having a nuclear war. So my two great worries, WWIII and the coming Real Dark Ages, are twins attached at the hip to each other.

Around March 13, 2005, the words "Hubbert Oil Peak" appears in the New York Times. At the BBC they have been talking about this for about one year.

This is all so very late. Back in 1974, I predicted, "The window of opportunity to alter the way we use energy will begin to close right at the Hubbert Oil Peak which will be around the turn of the century", and you can imagine my rising alarm, as we approached 2000 and the reckless choices Americans were collectively is time to panic. The cost of retrofitting our way out of whack culture rises exponentially.

Bush and the GOP are desperately trying to convince us that everything is going great and we will all be wealthy and happy all our lives and at the same time are yelling that we won't be able to fund our medical care or our retirement money or anything in the future because Bush and Cheney are....oil men. And you can bet, they are very versed in the matter of the Hubbert Oil Peak. Why the media refused to talk about this until this late in the game?

Here is the very first time 'The Hubbert Oil Peak' is mentioned in Congress, to a nearly empty House! March 14, 2005. That is, last week. Please read what the good Congressman from Maryland had to say. What is most amazing is, how little this speech resonated. It wasn't headlined in the press, it wasn't all over TV broadcasting and worse, Bush, the party leader, a fellow Republican, said nothing. Why?

Sigh. I can't read his mind (sometimes I wonder if he is fed via a tube to the stomach). I am alarmed. We have to do something. Now.

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