Monday, March 28, 2005

A new day, a new blog

I am transfering my blog to here because, being rather inept at computer programming, I messed with the files of the previous blog and lost access...rats. Hit myself with a hammer but not on the fingers! I am losing the postings from the previous attempt, so please pardon me! Hope I get the hang of this before I get hangnail.:(

Culture of Life News


Today is the first day of Culture of Life News. Since America is run by a political party that seems very conflicted about life issues it behooves me (I do not have hooves, my horse has them!) to plumb their deaths and figure out what makes these people tick because they tick me off.

Every day is a cornicopia of Culture of Life News as our media try to stumble along, playing the Weak Chorus for this confused party of hypocritical people. A brief daily look at the news reveals to the shrinking eye, a blasted landscape of hilarious contridictions and joyless Jesus huskering.

They ruined Christmas which Mother Nature dealt with by washing away a quarter million people, something the media/religious nuts tried to ignore but finally couldn't. Now they ruined Easter/Oestre. They attacked the Easter Bunny which is unforgivable and they howled and keened about a dying white woman while pulling the plug on a little black baby, Sun Hudson.

Next, they will ruin Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, I am betting. Keep your eyes open! Fun, fun, fun in Fundie America!

NYT Looks At Drunk Bush and Sees a Demidemon

The inevitable Elisabeth Bumiller puzzles about Bush yet again. President Bush's New Public Face 'Impishly Fun'talks about how bizarre Bush is without talking about how obvious this is due to being four sheets to the gale:

George W. Bush has been acting like a man liberated from the American presidency.

At an event in Denver last Monday, he mused that sending out quarterly statements for the individual investment accounts he wants to add to Social Security could encourage people to pay more attention to government but then chuckled that investors might conclude from tepid returns that "maybe we ought to change presidents or something."

At a news conference last week, Mr. Bush joked that he did not have the time "to sit around and wander, lonely, in the Oval Office, kind of asking different portraits, 'How do you think my standing will be?' "

And at the end of an interview with a Belgian television correspondent last month, Mr. Bush blurted out to the young woman that she had "great eyes," glanced away slyly and then a little sheepishly, but for the most part seemed sorry that the session was over.

OK. Right.

We are indeed fortunate this IMP didn't rip her clothes off or give her a pet name like "Big Boobies" or throw up in her lap. But isn't it interesting that the Times and the WH like to call this crazy man "impish". According to what I know of imps and I know many imps, Bush is being called a minor demon, the sort that irritate people in the upper circles of hell or come to this earth to tip over milk buckets of milk maids or stain the laundry or track in mud the minute mom is done doing the floors.

THIS is the creature running America.


Delay Pulls Daddy's Plug, Goes Insane and Now Pulls America's Plug

The wonderful people at Buzzflash nail Delay again, a must read

From the Washington Post: "For all of Tom DeLay's public espousal of Christian values, particularly his deep commitment to family, he privately has nursed a terrible estrangement from his own mother and three siblings. After the 1988 death of his father and the rise of his career in Washington, DeLay cut off contact with all three siblings, and seven years ago he stopped attending DeLay family gatherings. He has not seen or talked to his mother, Maxine, in two years, even though she lives about 10 miles away from Sugar Land; nor did he invite any of them to his daughter's 1999 wedding or even mention his mother in the published wedding announcement. "

OK. We get it. Not only does one have to be a certifiable nut case to run Congress, one has to be a total hypocrite, too. Not a partial one, but 100% dyed in the wool creep. As the GOP lectures us about marriage, they should know, they get married over and over and over again, they lecture us about our kids as if their drunken drugged up minions are respectable, they also tell us about how to have Family Love, too. Like characters in an Agatha Christie murder mystery, obviously. The King Lear Family Values Party! Whoopee.

In my own family, the more GOP the person is, the more they hate their own siblings. The more Christian they are, the more difficult they are to interact with for more than ten minutes. I assume from talking to others, this rule seems to be identical across America. What ails these people?

Is their reptilian brain stems not getting enough seratonin?

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