Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Real News From the Washington Post...Really Dumb

The Washington Post tries to report about the CIA and it is a mess, a real mess

The CIA is like a black op hole. I grew up within the CIA. My father was OSS/ONI during WWII and he kept everything secret and his activities were so secret, except for what I could spy on my own, and I spied on my dad a great deal, his WWII activities were so secret, when General Patton wrote his autobiography, he leaves out every mention of my dad, refering to him only once as "that person".

I discovered in Germany that seemingly half of the former officers in the SS and Wehrmacht knew my father personally. Whaaaa? Some were actually scared of him! Whaaaa?

It wasn't until 1984 that some of his work was declassified and the BBC did a story about him and I was floored by what I learned (he basically ran the entire front that was sweeping in from the south/east, his authority superseded General Patton and Eisenhower made my father's overt cover as a NAVY officer! Just to mess with Patton's head!) ---I point this out to say, anything you read in the front end news feed about the CIA is...ALL LIES. They lie all the time. The Bushes lie reflexively but the CIA lies are mandated. They cannot tell the truth except to each other and trust me, they lie on that level, too.

The CIA has many levels and the senority has many levels. My father was pretty near the top but he didn't hobnob with anyone unless he had business with them. He was advisor to many Presidents from Roosevelt all the way to Nixon who kicked him out. Carter put him back in, Bush Sr kicked him out because of my activities at the UN during the Tiananmin Square suppression. Clinton put him back in. I used to joke, they should name the revolving door at CIA headquarters after you (they named one of the auxilary buildings).

Well, you can guess, my dad is now "out".

The truth: a good CIA officer always tells the President the Truth as best he can. When my father met Roosevelt in the dark days of WWII, Roosevelt told him, "Tell me everything and tell it to me directly, not to anyone else". Roosevelt knew that he was the one who had to make the hard choices and WWII was full of heart breaking choices. Truman, when he came into office, my father was deep inside Germany, running right ahead of the army, doing deep cover work. The day the Germans surrendered, my father was flown back to DC to report directly to Truman. This is how the CIA was concieved to work: like the heroic OSS.

Now we see the CIA turned into the whipping boy/patsy of the Bushes. NOT ONE FAKE DOCUMENT justifying war came from ANY CIA officer. Indeed, some alarmed specialists warned about the fake documents. So who was blamed for the blundering war mongering?

The ANALYSTS of the CIA who are, nearly to a person, hard working, good people. People like my father. They are now being brutally purged and replaced by neobots who will operate as if this were the KGB instead. This disgusting situation is going to greatly endanger America, we are already very unpopular. The delicate negotiations my father used to do in Asia can no longer be done, we send Condi there to stomp on everyone's toes and bring war closer. My father was so proud of his work in China. It is all wasted.

I could barely stand reading the WP article. It made me ill over and over again and I gave up. I wish this were a fake story written by pranksters. But it is real. Way real.

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