Thursday, March 31, 2005

Seymour Hersh and the Bush Oil Wars

Famous reporter, Seymour Hersh, the man who broke the Vietnam war Mi Lai massacre was at New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, lecturing about Bush and the war in Iraq. He said many interesting things, one of which is, “The President,” Hersh sighed. “Bush is as absolutely convinced he’s doing the right thing,” just as journalists are who think of themselves as white knights think they are doing the right thing. “Even if we have another thousand body bags, it won’t deter him.”


He evaded Nam and he isn't afraid of being sucked into Iraq, personally.

This fine reporter spends a great deal of energy trying to figure out Bush and then misses by about a million miles. From the Buzzflash article:

Most of the Q & A was spent on oil and what people in our military and government are thinking about Bush’s policies.

1) A question about oil as Bush’s real reason for the Iraq war was raised:

Hersh said that his best guess is that oil was not “the real thing he wanted to do.” The neo-con mantra, ‘all roads lead to Baghdad’ and ‘democratization,’ the latter concept which goes all the way back to Jean Kirkpatrick, were the major ideas behind the war. Bush couldn’t have sold “democratization” on it’s own, so WMD’s were used as the reason. “If we had known there was no WMD, there would have been no vote.”

Hersh warned that when the price of oil reaches $68-$69 a barrel, this will be the crunch point in terms of real economic decline. If Bush wants to move against Iran, which is pumping about 3.9 barrels a day, he’s heading for trouble. According to Hersh, Iran will scuttle every ship in the Straights of Hormuz and the Malaca Straits in Indonesia. It will take months of dredging and salvaging to approach normalcy.

If oil is Bush’s top priority, “Bush is just not behaving as someone who is managing an oil crisis” and has already been “mismanaging oil in Iraq.”

This analysis misses what the Quest for the Holy Oil is all about. It isn't an attempt at "finding" oil. We know where it is. It isn't about buying oil, we can do this already. It is about the price of oil. Before the war, oil was getting cheaper again after rising a bit during the run up to the 2000 election. After the election, it began to fall. Pretending Bush has no buddies and financial supporters in the oil industry is to be blind to his real alliances and loves. Cheap oil=evil. Expensive oil=Texas pig heaven!

So, under Bush, oil becomes very expensive. You would think Americans would be very angry about this but he would say,
"Hey, oil is expensive because of a war!"


His war he started! The trade balance is very bad and one way to cure it is to find something Europe and Asia want to buy and then selling them this, pocket the profit and voila! Victory. So what are we selling them? Oil! Alaskan oil and Iraqi oil. Iran is a competitor. So what does a good Texan businessman do? Classically, they initiate a HOSTILE TAKEOVER. If the Gulf gets slimed up, this is great. The world price of oil will be denominated in gold pieces of eight! A double dabloon of joy to these men. These are the same Texan types like the young men who rejoiced as they shorted out the California electrical market, destroying the economy there and inadvertently nearly destroying America's economy. I haven't forgotten previous oil woes in the past: "Freeze a Yankee" was a favorite bumper sticker in Texas. These people are happy to beggar thy neighbor even if they are "American"!

Why has Bush refused to open the spigots to the National Oil Reserve? Clinton did this, to the howls of the Texan oil overlords. When Bush is asked about this today, he changes the subject. Hahaha. This war isn't about oil, yeah, right.

I wonder why even very intelligent people can't see this? Hersh cannot understand a ruler deliberately beggaring his own population. Well, guess what?

"Let them eat cake"---a quote that chopped off a thousand heads!

The fancy ball dress the media and the GOP and the rulers have clothed this naked robbery of the American and Iraqi people can't be allowed to go unnoted. The emperor isn't naked. He is dressed to the nines in a tissue of rank lies.

Bush=oil. Fifty years ago. Today. Want to know what he will do next? Follow the trail of black gold.

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