Saturday, April 30, 2005

America Surrenders Power to the Chinese: China, US to enhance military exchanges


Before WWI diplomats were very busy. Everyone was making deals and treaties with everyone else. The King of England who took over after Victoria died of extreme old age was very busy, personally inking joint communications and concords of mutual support. Everyone emulated him. In particular, military matters were scrutinized and many deals, mostly hidden from view, were inked. The British were anxious to preserve their domination of the world and at the same time wanted to do this with minimum effort. They recognized the rising power of the USA and Germany and Japan but wanted to keep their premier position.

There was a very vibrant antiwar movement running along side all of this. The Boer war upset many Brits who thought that was enough rough housing for the time being. In France, the workers wanted to have the Internationalist Front and their slogan was "workers of the world unite!"

It all collapsed into WWI. One shot.

We are in a nearly identical phase right now:


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