Tuesday, April 26, 2005

An Apple a Day Keeps the Gremlins Away

This blog runs off a dual system of two Apples, an iBook G4 and a iMac G4 flat screen.


We have many other things in this network at home. One is the APC surge protector that defends these systems from lightening and other mishaps. We have a seperate hard drive for data protection, auxiliary batteries so electrical interruptions won't crash the larger iMac. We have a small TV we use on occassion when we have to watch propaganda (ech) but it is used less and less as time passes.

The Wacom work pad is used for artwork and general moving around the icons and such because frankly, it hurts less than the mouse which wrecks havoc on hands because of the way you have to click the mouse. Too much arm movements with a mouse, the Wacom pen easily moves an icon while moving only the wrist and that, slightly. I highly recommend this system especially if arthritis threatens!

You can see all our notes on the wall but not the bookcase with many CD books. We back up everything. Sometimes in hard copy.

I bring this all up because once again, Bill Gates is in the news unveiling something that isn't ready yet. Unlike Steve Jobs, he likes to tell everyone long before it happens that something might happen someday. Wow (yawn).

Gates demos 'more secure' Windows

Bill Gates said the top priority for Longhorn was better security
Microsoft boss Bill Gates has demonstrated key features of the next Windows operating system, code-named Longhorn, at a developers' conference.
The revamp is promised to be the biggest update to the operating system since Windows 95 launched in 1995.

The preview showed a new desktop design, more visual ways to organise information, and faster searching.

The full version is expected in December 2006, but a preview, or beta, could be out in the summer, he said.

"We just gave people a glimpse to show them it's an awfully big deal," Mr Gates said in an interview after his speech at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference in Seattle.

Like, speedy as a snail! Will crawl into view next December at the earliest. I like the "awfully big deal" part. Awful, maybe. Big, probably. A deal? Hahaha. You decide.

The key in the article is this note: The way people can switch from window to window and the way files are presented on a PC with Longhorn is reminiscent of Apple's operating system, according to analysts.

Well, DUH. Hello, dear Microsoft users, I hate to say this, but I am spoiled rotten. I was forced to interface with a Micro computer yesterday and was shocked to see the screen. The top cut off by that ugly bar. Everything was hard to use. I had to jump through hoops constantly to access things. Rats. I washed my hands afterwards.

I am happy that in a mere 8 months 90% of the world's computer usesers will get some of what I have used for a very long time. Hello, welcome to the party!

Longhorn will make use of cryptographic keys stored in chips built into a PC for the first time. Such encryption features are usually kept as data on a hard drive.

Having encryption keys actually on a chip makes it harder for data to be compromised through hack attacks.

Some PC manufacturers have been offering computers with security chips for some time.

Ahem. Hahaha. Yup.

Bill Gates has decided to throw his considerable bulk behind Bush and the religious right wing. This is why, to the sorrow and fury of his employees who are gay and their friends, he has pulled support for gay rights. He also bribes politicians to do naughty things. This is bad. It ticks me off that Gates pays little in taxes and supports those people who are actively undermining our country. If one is a liberal one must support liberal companies. Al Gore is on Apple's board of directors. I loved Al Gore and honor him.

Cheap isn't always good or healthy. Fight back even if it means paying more. I never regretted buying Apple...IF you buy the insurance which is well worth it, you get fabulous tech support. We use it all the time, used it just two days ago because of a bug in the security system we downloaded. Apple reprogrammed their patch and sent it off to everyone. Heh. They are super nice to us because we apply things immediately when they put out new stuff and then we tell them what happens.

I would like to hear from everyone how this works. The web and our computers are truly revolutionary systems and the thing we are building has many facets and many applications that cross all over the place. The fact that computers and design morph at a high speed, higher than anything except maybe biotech stuff, is important. This is the cutting edge and it is very significant in a thousand ways.

BREAKING NEWS: Gates is giving right wing lobbyist Ralph Reed $20,000 a month to fight gays!

OK. Anyone on the sidelines: now it the time. Ditch Microsoft.

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