Monday, April 25, 2005

Breaking News: For the First Time Since 1948, China and Taiwan Will Meet Directly

From the BBC: The leader of Taiwan's opposition Kuomintang - or Nationalist - Party, Lien Chan, travels to China on Tuesday for a historic visit.

During his four-city, eight-day tour he will hold talks with Chinese President Hu Jintao in Beijing.

It will be the first meeting between Nationalist and Communist Party leaders since the Nationalists fled to Taiwan after losing China's civil war in 1949.

Wow. The Chinese leadership is moving at lightning speed now. They disciplined the Japanese and now Taiwan has seen the light and is learning to kow tow properly. Of course, the Chinese leaders want a happy union and as little blut und drang as possible so they will be most accomodating.

This is an IMPORTANT MOMENT IN HISTORY. Mark this day down on a calendar. The Nationalist Party narrowly lost the last election. This election was as disputed as the Gore/Bush election here in America. It is a clear sign that Taiwan is utterly divided in serious ways. A divided nation is a weak nation.

My father, many years ago, right after Jimmy Carter recognized mainland China as the one and only China, suddenly while my dad was on a sensitive (hahaha, was it ever!) mission in Taipei--there were riots. I had fears my dad would be killed. He wasn't even ruffled by it, he was off in the countryside, visiting---the rulers in Beijing told my father he could fly directly to China to have talks with them about Taiwan. He then flew back to Taiwan and delivered the messages. This was the very first time the mainland Chinese allowed ANY direct flights from Taiwan!

So today, without warning or fanfare, suddenly the former President of Taiwan is going to the Forbidden City to talk....surrender. Yes, surrender. The only thing is the terms. He read the writing on the wall. He knows that even if America attacks China, we can't win.

it is finished.

The Great Game of Go is now showing the true strength of the Chinese team. All I can say is, "wow". Just "wow".

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