Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bush Press Conference


Bush or

is all over the news, Bush is going to hold a super duper rare press conference tonight. Most of it will be him pitching a new improved Social Security plan. Then there will be a very short "question" session which he will conduct by reading off of a piece of paper the names of a few toadies and sycophants, minus super hunk, "Gannon".

I am predicting this attempt at killing Social Security will feature a thousand little bribes and a million big lies. "We will all be millionaires!" will be the sales pitch. "If you don't gamble you will be poor" will be the subtext.

Congress passed a $3+ trillion budget. This won't be the headlines because they leave out $300+ billion for the wars and other sundries. This $3+trillion is about half a trillion over revenues. Bush will not be talking about this.

He will talk about oil prices. His solution will be to build more refineries as if we need more gasoline. This is beyond stupid, this is Schiavo level brain deadness. Pull the plug, please!

He might salute the creation of a new government in Iraq, hello, Chalabi! New oil minister! Iran is happy! Bush also wants many nuclear power plants. Meanwhile, terrorist fears in DC! Bush and Cheney are rushed to undisclosed locations (Baradur is that big black tower over there...) because they are afraid things will blow up which is reasonable since bin Laden has said, he intends to take down both men.

We will discuss this press conference later. Hope to see everyone here!

Elaine Supkis, Editor.

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