Tuesday, April 26, 2005

China Continues as Go Champions of the World


The startling news about Taiwan, namely the virtual surrender of the Nationalist Party to the Communist Party, is barely being noted today in international news in English. This amuses me. People don't look at things that are most dangerous. It is the "head in the sand" impulse that runs very strongly in humans.

Let's review what has happened since Bush "won" his "mandate": American courts continues to forgive American crimes overseas and responsibility for our war crimes and destruction. We just told the Italians that it was OK to kill the agent and shoot up the former hostage. No one was at fault. And no one running our country was running our prisons so no punishments for crimes in Iraq and no one in Iraq shot up at check points gets a day in court, either.

And Vietnam, eager to be our friend, courting us for years, wanting to counterbalance Chinese power, we slapped down yet again. Despite the Vietnamese eagerly digging up even the tiniest remains of Americans buried over there, we still fly the ridiculous "black flags" here in supposed support of assumed prisoners of war who don't exist and never existed. So our courts happily conspired with our government to overrule the Vietnamese lawsuit over Agent Orange. All they wanted was our help. We could have done this cheerfully years ago and thus earned a very valuable ally on China's southern flank and gained control of a huge swath of ocean in a major shipping corridor but our collective insanity nixed that.

So in disgust and despair, Vietnam turned to China and basically surrendered.

Just this month alone, Bush and Condi rebuffed India. We "sold" powerful, dangerous military jets to Pakistan despite warnings from India so off goes President Hu and he suddenly got India to sign a major treaty ending 50 year of cold and even hot wars over who controls the Himalayan passes. Each nation signed the other's sphere of influence and swore to uphold this forever. The bottom line of the Chinese document was that India recognizes China's rights over their colony,

Today, Bush and his sultry Sultan buddy are openly conspiring to alter the price of oil. Russia likes the price of oil as it is right now. They have zero reason to lower it. This is an open economic attack on Russia. So China trots off to Russia to write up a series of oil pacts. They told the Russians, the price is right. We are happy.

America is now OPEC. We run it. We set its agenda. We are the people responsible for this stuff now. Isn't that charming? And as I have detailed, this isn't going to work since there are too many economic forces heaving away for anyone to manipulate oil prices easily.

As America isolates itself the great game of Go continues relentlessly. Taiwan will fall to the Communist Chinese. The only question now is how many people will die? I hope none. In this case, Taiwan has nothing to stand on, diplomatically. They themselves have stated for 50 years that Taiwan is part of China and reunification is the ultimate goal. There is no way around this. It can't be waved off suddenly, not without great violence. And Taiwan is very small and China is very big. Size does matter.

Today, a very happy Chinese leadership will resume their happy game. They will continue the whirlwind tour of the world signing treaties and making statements of mutal support and security. For crying out loud, they did this with Australia just two weeks ago! And we go about rebuffing people. Snapping orders at them and in general, acting like asses.

I read the NYT which is the paper that has the most international information in America and it is a sorry rag. Breathlessly they note political turmoil in Russia and on the borders of Russia. Oh boy, we can chop Russia up further! Whoopee! Meanwhile, the turmoil in Mexico goes unremarked and barely covered. Did you see all the pictures of the giant anti Fox demonstrations yesterday in Mexico City? The biggest ever? And the Mayor urging the crowd to resist the dictator, Fox? And how he thanked them for springing him from prison and told them to resist Fox's attempts at keeping democracy at bay?

Wow. A velvet revolution much bigger than in little nearly useless Lebanon and larger but not nearly as big as Mexico, Ukraine? Much of our oil comes from Mexico! It is a major trading partner! It is the second longest border for us. The mayor of Mexico City is friendly with the President of Venezuela and Brazil and Premier of Cuba! Viva la Revolutione indeed!

Because America is the sole supporter of Israel all our attention is focused on that country. we can't see what is going on elsewhere. It literally becomes invisible to the mind. I seldom talk about that hideous flash point because it is pointless. All parties want the Apocalypse and will get it if we grant them this.

The people to focus on are the American right wing which cynically wants to use Israel as the launch pad of Jesus' return. They have to be defeated here at home.

This is why the news about persecution of other religious students at the Air Force Academy is so important. Aside from the rapes and mayhem going on in that institution it seems the born again Christians are attacking fellow students. What a mess. The place should be shut down. The right wing Christians intend to take over the entire American miltiary machine so they can use it in the Apocalypse. This is not joke. It has to be stopped. They are dangerous to everyone including themselves. They don't care about the diplomatic victories of China, they think it is all a waste of time, being clever. They intend to blow up the joint so why fix the environment, for example.

Reagan's cabinet members themselves said, "We don't have to save anything because this will all be gone in a few years anyway" and just this week, Jesse Helms said, "I hope to stand shoulder to shoulder with Bolton when the Final Battle comes!" I didn't see men in white coats come and collect the old coot. I noted the press didn't go wild like they do any time Dean states the obvious. Just this week, they went deranged over Dean telling the truth. Oh, the mercy.

Hold onto your hats. The international landscape is going to change rapidly from now on.

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