Sunday, April 17, 2005

The China/Japan Battle Heats Up Even More

I just couldn't resist this picture---Japan's top consumers, the hip young Chinese, is now boycotting Japan. This will hit very hard where it matters: in the wallet. The Japanese spend billions of yen a year, advertising in China, working hard to nurture Chinese customers, wooing them and look, all down the drain. Gone with the winds of war.

Japan's biggest customer is not the USA. It is China. And because of geopolitical games, the Japanese were conned into this outrage with China and now we will see it play to the bitter end. The effects of this fight will reverberate not only in Asia but here at home in America. Both parties know perfectly well who egged this on in the first place. The aggreved party, the Chinese, certainly are aware of this and will turn and deal with this at their collective leisure.

The rulers in Beijing are scrambling to get ahold of this Dragon. They would rather quietly confront the Japanese and Americans but this is no longer possible. The people of China are restive. They want their place in the sun and will take it.

More news: The Chinese shopping trips continue.

The latest acquisition, a laser optics company, if you don't deal in military/spy applications, this company would mean little to you. There is a plan, you know. Already, nearly all companies producing fastners have been shipped quietly to China. Ball bearings: they are aiming to dominate this, too. All things useful for an Empire is being purchased, packaged and shipped off to China.

This is a fool's free trade. We are like the fairy tale, "Jack and the Beanstalk" only the giant at the other end of the beanstalk is going to win this battle of wits.

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