Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Condi Practices Diplomacy With Pootie Poot

an earlier article here, I noted how Premier Wen is globe trotting setting up alliances and trade agreements and in general, setting up his Go game board with one cooperative piece after another, outwitting us on nearly every possible level. In stark contrast is this:

Rice, Headed to See Putin, Cites 'Worrying' Trends in Russia
By Glenn Kessler
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, April 20, 2005; Page A20

MOSCOW, April 19 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin's efforts to amass power and control television broadcasts are "very worrying" trends that have undermined Russian democracy, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Tuesday.

Rice said she saw some bright signs, including nascent efforts to form political parties to vie for the presidency when Putin's term runs out in three years, and said she understood that it was a "very complicated task" to govern Russia. But "there is no doubt that when we talk about the trends, the trends have not been positive," she said.

OK. Hint to "Soviet expert" Condi: dear lady, when you put on those high heel military style boots and go tromping off to visit other people, it would be sensible as well as sane to not snap at them in public. If someone calls me names, suggests my housework displeases and my cooking is tasteless then wants to barge in and tell me this in my face, well, no.

Premier Wen visits Russia regularily now. President Putin visits China as an honored guest. I can bet, both men trade President Bush stories and laugh at his expense. The fact that Bush openly told the press he has a cute name for the man running Russia, "Pootie Poot" is enough of an insult to start a major war.

The Russians are still doing business with us. Like the Chinese, today their hope is to see America humiliated and bankrupt. In other words, the people running Russia do not like us even slightly. Anyone looking at photos of Russia's leader glaring at Bush's back can see the open hostility and personal hatred.

Condi comes walzing in, high handedly telling this deadly former KGB agent that he isn't doing things right and he better shape up or ship out. Well, we will all soon see when he will arrange our IMF moment. That is the day when our creditors demand we live within our means. Russia isn't one of our creditors except in a minor way compared to the Chinese. But if they throw their weight behind the Chinese, ie, they sell our debts when the Chinese sell them, we are finished.

This hazard should mean America talk more diplomatically and take greater care. Instead, bloated by "victory" in war and hubris, we dare to lecture our future deadly enemies, evidently HALF OF THE PLANET.

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