Friday, April 22, 2005

Diplomacy for Dunmies Updates

The Japanese still refuse to read this valuable book. Today, Koizumi repeated an earlier apology for WWII atrocities but didn't say a word about recent court rulings that show no remorse or understanding of these atrocities. Nor did he attack writers and government officials for using humiliating speech hectoring the people Japan invaded and murdered.

The official answer to this "apology" from the Chinese was eloquent and simple: total silence.

This is a clear message: try again. Bow lower and add to the apology. Japan is already bridling over this and keeps talking about how this is enough, they want to get to business, etc. "Only 15 minutes is what we need," Koizumi said. This is an insult. Fixing a 60 year attitude problem isn't going to happen in a mere 15 minutes. The kow tow session is going to be much longer.

On the other Diplomacy for Dummies session, a real diplomat tells Bush and Bolton that their attempt to do the UN thing is not going to happen. The neocons loved to make fun of poor Powell. Every time he practiced real diplomacy, they would immediately do the opposite and get Bush to reverse anything Powell arranged. Then they boasted, "He has to go, he doesn't have the ear of the President" and I would say, "The wrong man resigned. Bush should go and Powell stay".

Further updates will be forthcoming--this is certain. Enjoy this game of "gotcha".

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