Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Eternal Game of Go Speeds Up


For the last several months the new Premier of China, Wen, has been very busy and his labors have borne great fruits as one trade treaty after another is signed, more allies collected, more mutual defence treaties signed, more promises to support in votes at the UN and he has been able to directly fight the American/Japanese alliance.

This is all possible because the Chinese people are increasingly active and he can say, "Look, I will restrain them and keep them from being belligerent, they are very angry right now."

A new Pope sits in that dusty old boy's club with the "no girlz alloud" sign hanging out front. Immediately, barely pausing for breath, Wen goes for the throat.

Beijing warns new pope about ties with Taiwan New Feature
By Chris Buckley

Thursday, April 21, 2005

BEIJING China wasted little time before warning the new pope, Benedict XVI, on Wednesday that the Vatican and China could establish formal relations only if the Vatican dissolved its diplomatic links with Taiwan and promised not to "interfere in China's internal affairs."

The statement signaled that China was unlikely to make any concessions soon that would open the way for formal ties between China and the Vatican.

"We are willing to improve relations with the Vatican on the basis of two principles," said the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Qin Gang, in a statement congratulating Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger on his election as pope. Qin said the Vatican must sever diplomatic relations with Taiwan and "acknowledge that the People's Republic of China is China's sole legitimate government." China regards Taiwan as a renegade province. Qin added that "the Vatican cannot interfere in China's internal affairs, including interference in the name of religious matters."

The Vatican is the last European state to maintain diplomatic ties with Taiwan. Taiwan's president, Chen Shui-bian, attended Pope John Paul II's funeral, angering China's government and "patriotic" Catholic Church.

As I noted before, the Chinese feel strong enough to be uncompromising about key core issues and issue number one is Taiwan. This inflexible attention signals to us that the Chinese have sufficient strength to force events their own way. This is one Humpty Dumpty that WILL go together again, like it or not.

President Hu is also very busy

Visiting Chinese President Hu Jintao offered a six-point proposal here Wednesday to strengthen cooperation with Brunei in areas of economy, energy, tourism and military.

Hu, who arrived Wednesday for a state visit to Brunei, made the six-point proposal during a meeting with Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei. It is Hu's first state visit to Brunei since he became president of China in 2003.

"It is a set policy of the Chinese government to develop good-neighborly, cooperative relationship with Brunei," said the Chinese president. "We will work with the Brunei side and make our two countries eternal good neighbors, good friends and good partners."

Brunei has oil.

As America becomes increasingly unpopular in Muslim lands, others pick up the pieces we are sweeping off the board.

PS. Condi's trip to Russia: According to happy American news, she is getting along with Pootie Poot. Her rages and threats were entirely for domestic consumption. The usual Bushtonian "bark loudly and carry a twig" diplomacy.

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