Saturday, April 16, 2005

Everyone Is Getting Very Aggressive


"UN must reform or die", snarls Condi.

I have to say, this is a diplomatic statement (sarcasm). She goes on to snarl that the USA will shephard the UN to this New World Order or else. Of course, the UN is already dead. It was killed when the USA used the UN to disarm Iraq and then we shoved the world out of our path and invaded a weak and helpless nation, annexing it to our empire by force of arms. We are now busy killing the people there as we try to insert our own government so the country will be unable to stop us from pumping out all the oil as fast as possible.

Then there is this lovely news coming over the BBC just now: Chinese students extend anti Japanese protests further. Readers of this blog know that political energy is growing rapidly in China. The anti chemical factory riot, for example, shows the people there are full of energy and a sense of mission and even shall I say, "people power" and this is difficult for the authorities but it is also a sign of a growing nation that can, if they find the right leaders, overflow into the world and change it rapidly. Revolutionary, indeed!

"The protests were also directed at Tokyo's bid for a permanent UN Security Council seat." notes the BBC.

Unlike America where there is hardly any collective energy visible. Only a sultry, teethgrinding reactionary force is at work which is grimly waiting for doom in the form of an Apocalyptic final war.

Condi snaps that Bolton, aka, Wally the Walrus, and she are the only ones capable of changing the UN. I would like to note that her diplomatic skills has caused a very dangerous escalation in tempers in Asia this last week. Note how neither she nor her clueless boss have said anything, even vaguely, about the present deterioration in realtions in Asia. Note also how they both threw a match on the oil covering the China Sea when she unilaterally told Japan that the USA will sponsor Japan on the Security Council in the UN just one day after visiting China and saying nothing about this sponsorship.

China and India and Russia are triangulating like crazy to keep the status quo a little longer. America is busy sawing off the legs of this stool while at the same time, pretending to triangulate. This is by definition, unstable.

Stability in the present system is collapsing because of economic stresses. The dollar's instability is reflecting the loss of American economic power and the attempts of others to paper over this is beginning to fail. One wonders if America, due to rising pessimism and the conservative counterrevolution, is deliberately causing this collapse because they want to see Gotterdammerung.


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