Monday, April 18, 2005

The Great Game of Go Continues

Wen>Probably one of the most active Prime Ministers in the world is Wen, of China. He is literally all over the place. As Bush mechanically tours America trying in vain to convince us to sign off our retirement funds, speaking only to hand picked crowds of psychotic sycophants, PM Wen has been touring the world, making deals and closing on them.

We saw him last month corner many South American nations.

Now he is busy back in Asia. Even as the Chinese continue to demand Japan apologize for WWII, PM Wen is busy forging yet more alliances.

From CNN:

China and India have signed an agreement aimed at ending a 53-year-old border dispute between the world's two most populous countries.

The pact, reached Monday in New Delhi, calls for enhanced diplomatic relations and economic ties, and will contribute to the two nations "jointly addressing global challenges and threats," a joint statement said.

My, we wonder what these "threats" are!

Under the agreement, China has recognized the Himalayan territory of Sikkim as a part of India. The two also reached consensus on principles leading to an overall settlement of their decades-old boundary disputes, Indian External Affairs Ministry official Shyam Saran said, The Associated Press reported.

I can tell you stories about that border region. For years, this was one of the "activities" areas my parents did a great deal of work. Once, when my mother was asked, "Are you a spy?" (gun aimed) she said, "Why would America send a six foot tall woman to spy out here?" Indeed.

This region has seen more than one hot encounter and Kashmir, the other border settled this week, is a global flash point.

After dealing with India, PM Wen turns to another important potential ally: Australia.


From Xinhau News:

China and Australia agreed to start talks on establishing a free trade area following Australia's recognition of China's full market economy status, according to a Memorandum of Understanding signed here Monday.

The two sides signed the MOU following Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's talks with his Australian counterpart John Winston Howardat the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Trade between the two countries has grown fast over the past years. China is now Australia's third largest trade partner, second largest export market and second largest origin of imports.

During the talks, Wen spoke highly of bilateral relations, citing their substantial development in recent years through constant contacts between leaders of the two countries and the encouraging results of bilateral exchanges and cooperation in such fields as economics, trade, education, culture, science and technology.

Sounds like China is busy developing new markets, no?

"China and Australia are important countries in the Asia-Pacific region and share wide-ranging common interests in safeguarding regional peace and promoting common prosperity," Wen said.

"In the current volatile international environment, to further bilateral overall cooperation is in the fundamental interests of the two countries and the two peoples, and is conducive to peace and development in the Asian-Pacific region," he said.

The Chinese side appreciates the Australian government's adherence to the one-China policy and opposition to Taiwanese independence, said the premier.

Note the careful insistence about Taiwan. This is the number one issue, across the board. All parties signing treaties with China must adhere to this particular clause. It is number one. Just this month, Japan rashly decided to join the USA in making noises about fighting with Taiwan against China. This caused China to pass a law making it clear, they will invade their province if anyone tries to sever ties with China. Some people over on this side of the planet think the law came first. It did not. It passed in a hurry after Condi stomped through Asia in her high heeled boots.

The game goes on. We shed allies while China collects them. Just this week, the USA demanded Argentina knuckle under IMF rules and pay up. Argentina signed a treaty with China last month. China is their bank, not the IMF. Losing allies is not a good way for an empire to win at Go.

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