Friday, April 15, 2005

The IMF Wants to Stop Poverty

They are meeting in Washington DC under heavy guard as a massive show of force assembles to insure no one is anywhere near where these international do gooders like Wolfowitz are meeting. The IMF won't meet in Argentina, for example. Thanks to the wonderful work there, a mere 54% of the population became poor rather than 100%. I suppose, this is a great victory for the penny pinchers at the IMF! Victory against poverty! The IMF scouts the planet, seeking poor people so they can have more company in their misery, I suppose. Not poor yet?

Get a loan from the IMF and learn the joys of starving to death after we pull the loans and impose draconian financial solutions!


America is getting loans from the Chinese and Japanese right now so they don't need IMF loans and besides, we run the IMF so we can just take the loot whenever and do whatever. And besides, there are middle class people in America! Just like Argentina! Time to increase the poverty level so they, too, can enjoy the New World Disorder! Whoopee. Only 12% are poor, the IMF can make it at least 50% if not more.

I can't wait.

Here is their web page.

It doesn't look scary at all. I see no "Danger! Toxic Loan Zone! Watch out for falling bodies!" I do see this:

Around these meetings, the Bank and the IMF organize a number of fora to facilitate the interaction of governments and Bank-IMF staff with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), journalists, and the private sector. Indeed, every effort is made to ensure that the Annual Meetings provide an effective forum for explaining to the public - directly and through the media - the tasks, objectives, and outcomes of the work of the Bank and the IMF. In this manner, the Meetings make a major contribution to openness and transparency.

Yes, they are pretty tranparent, if you can see through the tear gas and past the lines of military guards and anti personnel carriers. Clear as day when it is raining cats and dogs. The IMF wonders why so few people love them. It is an utter misery and one that they intend to discover by mingling....hahahahaha.

Sorry, there is no more sarcasm left for this sorry planet. This is funnier than the Japanese complaining that they were not nearly so nasty as the Nazis, they invaded and killed mercifully, more or less. Those babies flung themselves upon the bayonets, didn't they? And Korean schoolgirls begged to become sex slaves all on their own, bless them. And the IMF is fighting poverty....too bad, they are fighting on the wrong side.

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