Friday, April 22, 2005

More Diplomacy for Dummies Brought To Us By Premier Wen

Koizumi apologizes a second time.

China and France Seal Big Deal

Well, Premier Wen is back at work after dusting off Prime Minister Koizumi he went back to the real business at hand: patiently putting one stone after another on his personal Go board, this time getting his French stones set up.

China and France reached a three-billion-euro deal Thursday morning during French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin's three-day official visit to Beijing.

Raffarin and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao witnessed the signing ceremony of the 20 cooperative agreements, which deal with aviation, nuclear energy and agriculture.

As part of the agreements, China promised to buy 30 Airbus planes, including five Airbus A380 and 25 A320 planes.

Prior to the signing ceremony, Wen and Raffarin held hour-long talks, agreeing to further political and economic ties.

Wen said both China and France are putting the bilateral ties in an prominent position in their foreign relations and making efforts to improve mutual political trust and strategic dialogue.

"China appreciates France's understanding and support to China on the Taiwan issue and EU's lift of arms embargo," he said.

Wen also said he was delighted with the fast growth of bilateral trade exchanges, close consultation in key internationaland regional issues and vibrant cultural exchanges.

Two weeks ago he dangled these contracts in front of the Americans who wanted him to buy Lockheed jets. Ah, the whims of the buyer! Note his statements about supporting China on the issue of Taiwan. This is in every single press release. Every press release also has "mutual political trust and strategic dialogue" in it. "Close consultation" also appears. Seems to be required. Obviously he is building a structure of treaties and trade agreements and partnerships that are rock solid. At the UN, do not expect France or Germany who as just concluded talks about trains and cars and planes too, to go against Chinese wishes.

Meanwhile, the Japanese are practicing their own odd sort of diplomacy.Talks with Russia about the oil pipeline continue.

During the talks, Nakagawa is believed to have asked Khristenkoabout remarks he made suggesting Russia will build a branch oil pipeline to China before completing the main pipeline that will cater to the Japanese market, according to Kyodo News.

The two ministers are also expected to talk about Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization and Japanese automaker Toyota Corp's plan to build an automobile assembly plant on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, Kyodo said.

Carrot and stick. Note the Chinese use carrots and apples. Anyway, the Japanese are obviously agitated that Russia is doing business with China. Russia has a million reasons to do business with China. Russia is doing the classic triangulation strategy which Culture of Life News talks about periodically. Since they are in a position of weakness but possess potential power and actual power in the form of nuclear missiles, they have an interesting potential for playing other, stronger players off of each other. President Putin is taking full advantage of this.

From Japan, clumsy attempts at bribery:
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi is to pledge Friday a doubling of Japan's official development assistance (ODA) to Africa at the Asia-Africa Conference in Indonesia, officials said.

In doing so, they said Tokyo hopes to build on support it has received from African nations for its bid to secure a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council.

Forget the IMF! China has been going about patiently setting the stage to put the third world back into business. Now the Japanese are upping the ante! This pleases the third world nations that have been shut out of the money markets while America soaks up 80% of world funds to pay for government red ink!

There is a problem here. The money for buying influence in Asia and Africa will have to come from Japanese funds used to prop up the USA. I see a nasty squeeze coming.

MORE NEWS: Saturday, the apology is recieved by the Chinese who said this:

"The strong reaction of the Chinese people and the concerns of people from other Asian countries are something that the Japanese side should seriously reflect on," Hu said after meeting privately with Koizumi for 55 minutes.

"The question of Taiwan should be correctly handled. It is hoped that the Japanese side will demonstrate through concrete action its adherence to the one-China policy and opposition to Taiwan independence," Hu said.

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