Saturday, April 09, 2005

New Blog to Run Concurrent With This Blog

I know, I know, this is nuts. But there is so much going on, the need to park information, breaking news, scientific broohahas, having a second blog to move text and information back and forth like a ping pong match with racoons is necessary now.

Feel free to check up on breaking stories or past stories with little or no commentary, and anything to do with the Hubbert Oil Peak or Hubble Space Telescope or Mother Hubbard's cupboard...all over at Culture of Life Science News.

If you have urls to share, put them in the comments there and if they are neat, I will put them up on the page with credit for referals (yeah, I know this is super cheapskate of me, but hey! If I were rich....I would be rich!)---my son and daughter will, along with certain help from interested parties, ahem, will help me build a proper web page eventually...takes a bit of time, though, not as easy as these plug in blog sites.

Have fun. See you all later!

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