Tuesday, April 26, 2005

NEW FEATURE: Culture of Life News Guest Blog!

This is where guests to our blog can run extended articles or conversations. Some of the postings under various stories are long and detailed and it would be a shame to not give them proper airing. To post an article here is very simple:

Contact me at emeinel@taconic.net or post it at the comments section in the opening page of this news site and I can transfer it over to the guest blog. If a poster has trouble with HTML coding, don't let that faze you, it is a pain to do. I do it so much it is second nature so all you have to do is give me the URL and I can do all the coding. This includes pictures. If you want a picture set up, pull it into the email and it will appear usually as code ending in jpg. I can code it so it appears. If it is too big, I can shrink it, etc.

Every time there is a new posting there, it will be highlighted here with a link.

Thanks in advance,
Elaine Supkis, editor.

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