Saturday, April 30, 2005

New WTC Target Ground Zero

From the NYT: Security concerns outlined last month by the New York Police Department have set off a serious reassessment of plans for the World Trade Center site. People involved in the rebuilding effort say that the revisions that need to be made to the site's most prominent feature, the Freedom Tower, could delay the start of construction from several months to a year.

When NYC ran a contest for new design of the WTC, pictures were put online and people were supposed to vote for the best one.

My kids and I decided the one showing a giant target bull's eye was appropriate.

Millions of dollars and zillions of meetings and wrangling later, the NYPD decided it is a bull's eye and they are against the present design.

Well...DUH. Should this prime target be built? Will anyone sane want to work there?

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