Thursday, April 21, 2005

The NYT Explains Why They Showed Virtually No Pictures of Chinese Demonstrations


"By Playing at 'Rage,' China Dramatizes Its Rise" shouts the NYT headlines. Now we know what America's rulers want to believe. The rage in China over the incursions of the Japanese is all fake. Yes, fake. We can't tell how fake since the NYT decided to not show us very much to begin with.

Chinese today have little experience of mass organized protests, so when the Government tolerated - some would say encouraged - a huge anti-Japanese demonstration here that flirted with turning into a riot over the weekend, for many it bore echoes of the mass manipulation of students of another era, the Cultural Revolution.

Culture of Life News has already noted how the NYT covered the anti Syrian demonstrations repeatedly and in full color. The pro Syrian demonstrations were distant photos showing crowds but the anti Syrian showed people in close up.

Every single antiwar demonstration before our illegal invasion of Iraq was NOT shown by the NYT and when we forced them to talk about it, they did snippy snide articles like the one about the Chinese which is full of lies and evasions. It is standard ruling class boilerplate coverage. The demonstrations in Ukraine got loving coverage. This gets hostile coverage.

This is why Americans are woefully uninformed. Pretending that the Chinese are faking the present feeling of rage is not going to help us when this rage is suddenly redirected at China's main rival, America. Yet elsewhere even in American news the nervousness about this possibility is expressed even if it is suppressed.

Next, the real rulers in America use the Washington Post to twist diplomatic reality:

Region's Leaders Ask China, Japan to End Feud

Sounds like all the Asian countries are NEUTRAL and think both parties are equally at fault, no?

Asian ministers, speaking during breaks in talks aimed at strengthening Asia-Africa ties, said the dispute was being scrutinized across a region where many countries count Japan and China as key trading partners.

"It won't be good for us if these two giants in Asia are going to have bad relations," George Yeo, Singapore's foreign minister, said after meeting with his Japanese counterpart. "It's not in our interest at all. We hope that there will be enough goodwill on both sides to overcome problems between them."

This is called "diplomatic talk" and is standard boilerplate. Everyone knows the "problems" between China and Japan are 100% due to the sudden suicidal urge of Japan to push China around. This is easily resolved as detailed here at this blog.

Sino-Japanese ties are more tentative than at any time in the past three decades, putting at risk a partnership worth $178 billion in annual trade. While Asian countries have tried not to take sides in the dispute, some have sought to remind Japan about its wartime past. Most are loathe to offend China.

Ministers said the tension was not on the table at the Asia-Africa meeting.

Still, Nobutaka Machimura, the Japanese foreign minister, reminded Asian and African diplomats about his country's generosity in a speech at the meeting, saying that in the past decade, Japan's aid to poor countries accounted for 20 percent of the world's total.

Most have no reason to offend China. Japan is offending China because it is in our Bush's interest to foster this unease because Japan and China hold the lion's share of our IOUs and tension between them means they will be forced to buy more IOUs.

Japan is reduced to snarling at potential allies, thus the reminder about Japanese aid that will be withdrawn if anyone supports China in the coming confrontation. The Chinese have been patiently pursuing a diplomatic course that is bringing them closer to their ultimate goal: to lead the anti American coalition. This inevitable coalition of much of the planet is growing because in history, any time an empire becomes too powerful, all former enemies band together to fight it. This is because power corrupts and all empires when too powerful become hopelessly corrupt at home and abroad. Look at Congress. Ruled by the GOP, it is now hopelessly corrupt and the voting system keeping them in power is seriously compromised.

Our leaders even question the need for compromises and diplomacy and even treaties. When Bush got into the WH he immediately repudiated a number of treaties and refused to sign the Kyoto Accords or the World Court internationalism. From the Cato Institute:

According to a public opinion poll recently taken in five Chinese cities, public opinion toward the United States is mixed. Although most Chinese like Americans (even if "not particularly"), half see the United States as a rival. Perhaps more ominously, a majority believes the U.S. is trying to contain China and that a clash over Taiwan is likely.

"Not particularily like" is "dislike". Why they used this defensive wording is obvious. It hides the squalor of our unpopularity. "Well, they don't particularily like me," is universally viewed as "Geeze, I better avoid them, they are hostile".

"There are reservations about America's dominant influence in world policies," the late J.N. Dixit wrote shortly before he became the Indian national security advisor last year. "The choice is to confront and resist the U.S. and get isolated, or to make ourselves a subordinate ally of the US, or adopt a strategy of engaging the U.S. on the basis of equality while developing equations with other major powers to redress the imbalances of U.S. dominance."

Classic understanding of world history here. He is explaining why the emerging alliance between India and China is developing. They are ancient enemies who have a common foe: the USA.

"Chinese Defense Minister Cao Gangchuan and [Russian Defense Minister Sergei] Ivanov agreed in their talks that the joint military exercise will be an important event," People's Daily reported. "The bilateral ties between China and Russia have entered a new phase in their relations, with the two sides establishing a strategic co-operative partnership,"said President Hu Jintao.

Couldn't be blunter. Russia and China have troubled each other for eons. Now they are cementing a vital alliance strengthening both while isolating the USA.

Indeed, it is noteworthy that on the eve of Secretary Rice's trip to Asia, the Indian government announced the foreign ministers of India, Russia, and China would be holding their first "stand-alone" meeting in June. To be sure, assurances were given that no alliance was envisioned, but at the beginning of the last century the Triple Entente was also not a formal alliance. We should be careful that, by emphasizing the importance of our alliances, we do not foster the emergence of a countervailing "entente."

Shows that the Cato scholars have some inkling about history! Will wonders never cease? Of course, they would rather retreat into some sort of shell and have NO alliances! This is sheer insanity. The attitude that alliances are annoyances is why so many of our allies don't particularily like us. Our present maladministration is wildly unpopular with our allies. It is unpopular at home, for that matter. No one likes Bush at all except for maybe Tony Blair.

About uprisings, readers of American press might be astonished that totally hidden from our eyes, Equador just had a revolution and the Presidente there has fled the country!

"Former Ecuadorian President Lucio Gutierrez has taken refuge in the Brazilian embassy and sought asylum, after being ousted on Wednesday." says the BBC.

Mr Gutierrez was removed by a unanimous vote in Congress, following a week of escalating protests.

He came to power as a populist left-winger in 2002, but lost the backing of many supporters by implementing free-market policies.

Several things: he came into office by lying. When he tried to impose the New World Order of "free market" the country rose up and kicked him to the curb. Unlike the utterly demoralized American workers, they knew their very lives were at stake. China has an interest in Equador. Expect Premier Wen to pay them a visit as soon as the dust settles. Across the planet, people are taking matters in hand. In China, in Equador, in Ukraine and Lebanon, all over the place, the populous is unsettled and is demanding they be heard and the old order is falling. LIke in 1848, 1872, 1919, 1932, 1968 the world sees general uprisings and agitation. We are in such a phase right now. We wonder, will this come to America in the end? Will the workers here allow all the taxes and obligations be placed on their backs alone?

I am betting we will see fireworks here.

Lastly, the editor of Culture of Life News would like to post this news:

Chinese autoplant isn't for selling to China, it is for selling in America, as this news service predicted!

DaimlerChrysler AG is in talks with one of its Chinese partners to build a plant in China in order to export subcompact cars to the United States, a top company executive said Thursday at the Shanghai Auto Show.

Dr. Ruediger Grube, the DaimlerChrysler executive president and management board member in charge of corporate development and China operations, said that while no final decision had been made, he hoped that the details could be worked out in the second half of this year. It would almost certainly be the first mass-produced Chinese car widely sold in America.

This is the death knell for the UAW. They are now finished. The Japanese, to placate Americans, built many plants here. Their cars are expensive. The Germans tried this and their cars were expensive, too. Now they are switching gears. Since being a friend of America means being called names and slapped around, they just don't care about placating us anymore. So now we will see cheap German autos here.

The Japanese will have to close their American plants, too, in the end. The last remaining major manufacturing base in America will evaporate now. Rapidly. Will we see angry demonstrations in DC? Like there were in Equador? China? We will see. Looks more and more likely.

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