Thursday, April 21, 2005

Papal Propaganda

ratzoPapal picture that is all over the net now

Pope Benedict likes verbal sparring, thinks God has sense of humor says the official Papal Paper.

Yes, indeedee!

A God that, in a fit of pique, killed all but a handful of living creatures certainly can be humorous. The Pope wants me to know he has a sense of humor, too. Haha. And he loves to spar verbally.

Sort of like Bush announcing he loves press conferences even without Gannon throwing him soft balls.

Somehow, I find this funny in a non haha way. You can bet, this Pope will go to the ends of the earth to avoid debating with me, for example. Or any of the Liberation Priests that he viciously silenced. Or the nuns he has removed for not toeing the Vatican Red Line.

When a despot puts out propaganda about how accessible he is and how he enjoys a good laugh after a day of running the Inquisition, all I can say is, you tickle me to death, hahahaha.

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