Saturday, April 16, 2005

Ratzinger Ist Ein Nazi


Where it all began, Hitler, Opus Dei, all of it...

Yes, looks increasingly like History is going to have fun at our expense. Cardinal Ratzinger looks like he and his Opus Dei buddies will be running the Vatican.

There was never doubt that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the Vatican's hard-line defender of the faith, would have a strong hand in selecting the next pope. But in the days of prayer and politics before the conclave, which begins on Monday, he has emerged as perhaps the surprise central figure: the man who could become the 265th pope, choose him or be the one other cardinals knock from the running.

The previous Pope, a Polish man who was profoundly right wing, opened the door to the fanatics in Opus Dei when he was nearly assassinated. Opus Dei has powerful people in the USA such as two operatives in the Supreme Court who vote in unison for extreme right wing positions.

Raztinger isn't just a conservative, he was indoctrinated into the Nazi party as a Hitler Youth. His right wingedness is deep and abiding and has a bloody history.Opus Dei was founded by a far right wing pro Nazi Spainard, Escriva. The previous Pope, despite his friendly face in public, was a co-conspiritor in furthering the aims of this far right wing fascist group. This is why he was so secretive. When we were having an election, the man in the White House, the two men, Scalia and Thomas all secretly petitioned the Pope to intervene and undermine support for the Catholic candidate, Kerry.

The Pope, to maintain appearances, gently chided Bush for being a war monger but repeatedly hosted him at the Vatican for photo ops where they sat together and communed happily. Then the arms of the Church went out in America and attacked Kerry nearly nonstop. This was only the second time in our history, a Catholic could have been President, and the Church destroyed this possiblity deliberately.

Part of the Unholy Alliance of Jewish right wing fascists and Catholic fascists and Protestant fascists is the core of the army of God that will fight the coming Apocalypse all parties are working hard to forment. They all know, they can't win the Final Battle unless they have control of the nuclear arms of America.

Soon, the take over of the Vatican by right wing fascists will be complete. The parties involved in all of this don't care that their alliance will collapse as soon as one of them gains an upper hand. The Catholics and the Jews will be the losers, in the end. They just want to expand and control certain parts of the earth.

The American Protestants want to destroy everything in a final battle, particularily their own allies. This is like the Hitler/Stalin pact. Doomed, in the end.

I know of many Catholics, turned off by the pronouncements of the Vatican, who are utterly repulsed by the possiblity the Church will be run by a Hitler Youth. Love of the Church will fall further, if that is possible. It is all very sad.

But then, these conspiritors better remember the ancient curse: may your wishes come true!

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