Friday, April 01, 2005

The Republicans Want to Pass Laws Force Feeding the Public

Salivating Republicans Want to Pass Laws Giving Us No More Life Choices

Not content with merely eliminating all choices for women who are pregnant, the GOP gets to work to deny us more medical choices. They claim to be "a culture of life" but it seems to this editor, they are "a culture of vultures". Have they ever hear the words, "butt out, bub"? Or do they imagine this means Gannon is going to service them, time to drop the pants?

According to the Times: But her legacy may be that she brought an intense dimension - the issue of death and dying - to the battle over what President Bush calls "the culture of life.""This is the counterrevolution," said Mr. Smith, who has been challenging what he calls the liberal assumptions of most bioethicists. "I have been frustrated at how difficult it is to bring the starkness of these issues into a bright public discussion. Schiavo did it."

Experts say that unlike the Quinlan case, which established the concept that families can prevail over the state in end-of-life decisions, the Schiavo case created no major legal precedents. But it could well lead to new laws. Already, some states are considering more restrictive end-of-life measures like preventing the withdrawal of a feeding tube without explicit written directions.

That troubles some medical ethicists and doctors.

"I am concerned about the erosion of a very hard-won multiple-decade process of agreeing that these decisions belong inside families," said Dr. Diane E. Meier, an expert in end-of-life care at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. "We've always said that autonomy and self-determination does not trump the infinite value of an individual life, that people have the right to control what is done to their own body. I think that is at risk."

I have sat death watch. More often than not, when I tell the busy family to come to the bedside and be there at the very end, everyone panics and decides to keep the dying alive a little longer. Clinging to straws in the whirlpool of dying. This always means, the dying person is subjected to painful and meaningless proceedures and usually the soul flees the body as the person goes into a coma. Then the inert body lays there, hooked up, until it starves, even with a feeding tube attached, to death. In other words, all the organs shut down.

Many people, after witnessing this, pledge to not let it happen to themselves. I am one who has made it very clear, I don't want this. The rule should be, if you WANT to be treated in this horrible way, then you have to ask for it! Not the other way around. If someone doesn't have "a living will" demanding they be kept alive no matter what, then the choice will lie with the legal caregivers. Period.

But the GOP, smelling dead bodies, like the vultures they are, want to pass laws making it harder for everyone to choose during the final hours. This really ticks me off. The battle over Terri was just as goofy as many battles over minor children during divorces. People fighting over who gets Fido the dog can lead to long court battles. Do we have "Fido's Law"? No.

People will fight over all sorts of things. This is the nature of people. As Borges once wrote about the Faukland Island war, "This is like two bald men fighting over a comb".


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