Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Search For Happy News


Dear Readers,

I know, the news is terrible lately. This is to be expected. Look at who is at the helm of the powerful American empire. Hard to be gay and happy when the vehicle of state is flattening trash cans and banging in and out of ditches and speeding away from the cops with all four tires burned out and running on the rims....you know, Bush was arrested fairly often for drunk driving.

Well, there is good news! Spring finally came to the North East even if it is cold at night, my forest is flushing pink at the tips of all the maple trees and my neighbor who collects sap was here, chatting about maple syrup, yummy. All my flats of seedlings are growing nicely in the warm sunshine in the greenhouse. The Andaconda hens are lying more than two eggs a day, they hate winter, the below zero weather took its toll, one hen died. Well, they follow me around, clucking happily, digging in the horse manure. The fox tried to get one of them but Chris gave him a good scare, bang bang.

Sparky and Molly, my horses, are happy and gay. The sun is warm. Grass is greening and soon will begin to grow rapidly. Sparky, being a male, sniffs the air, expectantly. Hoping for the alluring smell of a mare.

The hawk pair came back and took over their giant nest. The flock of goldfinches are busy building nests and fly catchers and swallows moved back into their nesting boxes under the eaves of the house. The buds on the apple trees and peach trees are swelling.

Spring is wonderful. It comes every year except when Ice Ages take over but that isn't my worry today (heh). I am happy!

: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Policymaking members of the U.S. Federal Reserve worried inflation pressures were mounting when they last met in March, and wondered whether they would need to raise rates more than thought to control it.

``Many participants indicated that their uncertainty about the intensity of inflation pressures had risen...and that, in particular the distribution of possible inflation outcomes, was now tilted a little to the upside,'' according to minutes from the March 22 meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee released on Tuesday.

While policymakers thought inflation likely will be contained, they felt that rates might have to keep moving higher for a longer period to ensure that outcome.

Tip toe through the tulips! Oh so daintily! Gingerly, the Fed tries to find a safe path here only they are tip toeing through a financial minefield and I suspect, do not have the intellectual or balletic ability to do this successfully. I fear, they will plant their clod hoppers right smack dab on one of many landmines. The only guess is, which one?

Of course, Bush has a talent for this. I suppose he will do the "war on Iran" landmine which might be more like an economic nuclear landmine.

I can only guess. It is up to them. Last time I was in DC, I stopped at Greenspan's headquarters. "Maybe I should give him a head's up", I thought. Then I thought, "Naw. He will do everything backwards and then blame Clinton".

Well, my tulips are peeking out of the ground. Time to weed.

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