Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Sun Rises in the East--Reports on Historic Visit by Former Foes

You wouldn't know it from the American newspapers, but great changes are happening between China and Taiwan. Not a single paper is carrying this story as a main headline, it is buried below the fold. Unlike the disasterous caroom across the planet by Condi Rice that was given breathless coverage--"Oh, look at her boots! Tres charmant!"--she was barely tolerated by our allies and our nonallies found her negioations to be laughable, she returned home nearly empty handed in stark contrast to the Chinese.


Hu suggested that, to attain this goal, China and the Philippines increase exchange of visits of personnel, work together to attain the goal of increasing bilateral trade volume to 30 billion US dollars by 2010, continue to cooperate in the development of the South China Sea, and increase cooperation in security and fight against transnational crimes, and coordinate with each other in the frameworks of ASEAN-Chinese free trade zone plan, the United Nations, the WTO and APEC.

Arroyo expressed her appreciation for the high evaluation by Huon Sino-Filipino relations. She said that the development of China is exerting a positive influence on regional and global peace and development, and that the Philippine government has opted to seek a strategic cooperative relationship based on peace and development with China.

She said that the Philippine government will make mutual efforts with China in seeking an increase of exchanges between the personnel of the two sides, and to expand cooperation in the fields of energy, infrastructures, agriculture and mining.

Arroyo also reiterated the Philippines' One China Policy, and said the Philippines respects China's stand on Taiwan.

Another day, another Go stone set on the board, another step towards victory! This got very scant mention in American news and no analysis.

But the big news overseas it the historic visit. The leaders of the Nationalist Party were nervous about what sort of reception they would find. No more worry about that. In stark contrast to the way they are dealing with the Japanese, the Communists rolled out the red carpet, poured the best tea and rained flowers down upon their former, bitter foes.

Lien Visits KMT Founder, Sun Yat-Sen's Grave

NANJING, April 27 (Xinhuanet) -- Kuomintang (KMT) Chairman Lien Chan said in this east China city Wednesday morning it is an across-Straits aspiration to "continuously boost the Taiwan economy" and "further develop the mainland into a well-off society".

In a speech delivered immediately after paying respects at the Mausoleum of the KMT founder Dr. Sun Yat-sen (1886-1925), Lien called the aspiration a goal that both sides at the Taiwan Straits should "strive to achieve in a peaceful and going-all-out mentality" against the backdrop of the current "stalemate" in cross-Straits relations.

Calling Chinese jointly to strive for common prosperity, Lien said that "Chinese should hold their heads high in the 21st century."

The KMT Chairman also lead a thank-you applaud for the "perfect protection" of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's mausoleum conducted by local administration.

The Western media struggles to understand what is happening.

The BBC's Caroline Gluck, in Taiwan, says the already strained relations between China and Taiwan have worsened in the wake of China's recently passed anti-secession law, which legalises the use of force against Taiwan if the island moves towards formal independence.

Relations with the present government of Taiwan which won a very close election. Looks to me like tension between half of Taiwan is not tense but really friendly now. Taiwan is being divided: do you want war with mega big China or reunification? The sane choice is obvious. The axe is going to be formally buried this week in Beijing. Here is some more very interesting news:

Beijing has not invited Taiwan's president, Chen Shui-bian, to visit the mainland and has ruled out talks with him unless he accepts the "one China" formula under which Beijing claims sovereignty over Taiwan, a condition Mr. Chen has rejected.

But China's overture to the opposition groups put Mr. Chen's government on the defensive, forcing it to cede ground to politicians who tend to take a softer line on relations with the government in Beijing, Taiwanese officials and Chinese analysts said.

Evidently the Communist Chinese invited all the other opposition parties to come to Beijiing and sip tea. Pointedly, they excluded the President of Taiwan. You can bet, he is reading with rising alarm the news concerning the relentless and successful visits by Hu and Wen across the planet and in particular in Asia, setting up the coalition to support Chinese reunification.

Taiwan is isolated. Literally surrounded except for one last piece, America, the white stones on the Asian board are about to turn black as China flips them. In Go, surrounding pieces means the territory is captured.

Understatement of the century:

"It is true that these trips are creating some turmoil in Taiwan politics," Joseph Wu, who heads Taiwan's official Mainland Affairs Council, said in a telephone interview. "They are part of China's tactic of creating divisions in Taiwan that it can exploit."

Mr. Wu said the government has warned Mr. Lien and Mr. Soong not to "sign agreements" that infringe on Taiwan's rights, which he said would break the law. Mr. Chen and Mr. Lien discussed the opposition leader's trip on Monday to avoid such problems, he said.

Mr. Wu knows that if Taiwan is a renegade province of China, it has no "rights". This is the Chinese view and today they won over a major former opponent. The threats to Taiwan were very carefully attached to some tremendous goodies, this is classic Rooseveltian "Talk softy and carry a big stick". Namely, the Chinese are making it perfectly clear that Taiwan must reunify and the sooner the better and to encourage this the Chinese are willing to negotiate a good business deal making this reunification less frightening than it appears. They want Taiwan and they want it intact and friendly. They don't want to hold down a province at war like we are struggling in vain to do in Iraq. They want a win/win situation. This way they can kick the Seventh Fleet out of the China Seas.

Lien intends to seek a declaration of some kind after the talks with Hu to define the fruits of his visit for the Taiwanese people, according to a reliable account of his plans. Such a communique, though not a government document, would boost his claim that the Nationalists, if they regained the presidency, would be more able to assure peace for Taiwan.

Read that paragraph carefully. LIke reading Pravda, when you read the Washington Post or the NYT, it pays to reinterpet things. What this is saying is, Lien of the Nationalist Party agrees that fighting is futile and resistance is hopeless so he wants the best surrender terms possible. The present leader of Taiwan disagrees. This means, carrying messages of friendly reunion and a bunch of roses, Lien will return to Taiwan to agitate for reunion as swiftly as possible.

This is a major victory for China. Huge in a hundred ways. If Lien can pull this off, it means no WWIII hopefully and a big reduction of tensions in Asia. Note how unhappy America is! We have grown used to a huge empire that spans the planet. We abused our imperial privilages and are now losing it. It is no loss, we lost our democracy here at home, thanks to this vast imperial project. Time to bring down the flag overseas and do what the Chinese are doing so well: form friendships and relationships and joint ventures. Can the military stomping on toes. Note how we are losing an old ally, Italy! Spain, too! Not to mention quite a few others, Mexico, for example.

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