Thursday, April 28, 2005

"Thank you for all your answers"....The Death of America


NYT picture showing Bush DRUNK. He is often drunk.

Bush stumblebummed to the end of his "press conference" with that statement which pretty much sums up his entire ability to convey information. One presumes the "reporters" were there to question him but obviously as we have seen for years now, they did their proper function which was to answer all his questions for him.

Not one reporter asked about bin Laden. Mr. bin Missing Laden popped into the news for an hour right before the "election" and the press all yelled that he helped Bush win because people are scared of old bin Laden and his merry band of terrorists.

Bin Laden ordered us to vote Bush into more power so he can further the Jihad. He wanted Bush to be our leader so he could succeed faster. The Communist Chinese wanted Bush, too, because he is so dumb and so easily circumvented he is the perfect foil for them. Putin wanted Bush because he can't wait for us to follow the Soviet State into bankruptcy.

Supposedly a slim majority voted for Bush but he ended up a mere few weeks later to be profoundly unpopular in the polls which is striking. It has never happened before.

The chief thing about this unpleasant exercise in self flagellation was the appearance of the American leader. Any leader of any country, SPEAKING ENGLISH can run circles around this.....ill informed simian. Every time Bush appears in public, he diminishes our country. Everyone sees a blundering fool that even "Kim Jong Ill" (Bushian for the name of the leader of North Korea) can outtalk and outsmart.

He made a number of astonishing mistatements such as how we're forming a Consortium to bring democracy to South Korea, I it's a comprehensive strategy or we shall get those out of harms way those who want to harm us or some people are trying to unwind NCLB (no child left behind act) or consensus among ourselves. Like the time he said he wouldn't debate with himself or negotiate with himself, one wonders if he is a President or Gollum/Smeagol at the Gates of Mordor.

The hissing "s" are not reassuring, either.

His inability to speak common or even semicommon English isn't a mere handicap, it is a catastrophe. All over the web I see people writing long and involved postings or articles right off the cuff just like this one here and with little effort yet our ruler can't string three words together without dropping at least one of them! Diplomacy and politics have tools and the chief tool of them all is the language. We can grunt and hit each other with clubs but the human brain evolved because smart people who could communicate with more than a grunt had an advantage over the hump and grunt groups. So the real question is, why do so many Americans follow and even love this impossible, stupid man? Do they believe there is a pot of gold at the end of this rainstorm we are in? Con men exist because of rank greed and incredible stupidity. The free lunch, the Santa Claus is real crowd seems limitless.

We are entering very dangerous times now. Already the oil wars roar in our ears as we fight for oil. Saudi Arabia attacked America directly and here we see our ruler kissing the man running Saudi Arabia and BEGGING him to give us more oil! Mexico is pulling away from us, Venezuela actively hates us, Canada is reconsidering being too close to us, all the major sources of our oil are either withdrawing from us or actively attacking us and we are on our knees, begging for more oil.

The solutions to this, as proposed by Bush and Cheney, are beyond laughable. Pitiful. The whole "hydrogen" thing is a farce. You need oil to make the hydrogen! Less than useless. Drilling for more oil won't fix things because Indonesia just stopped exporting any oil! There is less oil today than yesterday in world markets. This will continue relentlessly thanks to the iron rule of Nature: nothing is infinite.

No one asked Bush about Amtrak. No one asked him about solar energy specifically. No one asked him about CHINA!!! MEXICO!!!

Indeed, it seems as if my blog is detailing stuff from another universe. All the topics I have talked about for a month were not mentioned by either Bush nor the press. This fatal refusal to consider what is obviously the important matters at hand is depressing.

As one poster at Atrios, which is where I pulled a number of quotes, a great crew of posters, top notch!--said, "my 3 year old can ask better questions". Indeed. If the child asked, "Can I have a cookie" he would have surpassed much of the press' ability to ask questions.

Agency Says North Korea Can Mount Warheads on Missiles reads the NYT headline right below the one about the Bush pressure conference.

"My administration is doing everything we can to make gasoline more affordable," Mr. Bush said, alluding to a recent trend that polls show is annoying the American people and perhaps endangering him politically. "There will be no price-gouging at gas pumps in America."

Excuse me, but not only is there price gouging at the pumps, ditto for natural gas which comes from TEXAS as well as electricity and all other forms of energy all of which doubled this last year or tripled.

What really troubles me is Bush's promise to make America "energy independent" via drilling for oil and building refineries using tax payer's money, of course. This is not only useless, it makes things much worse. No mention about gas guzzling. The sky is the limit! There is a Santa Claus!

The Social Security plan he proposed is to remove the 30%+ top half and make them get rich via stock options...oops, market down 500 pts this last month or so!--while the poor get it until the well to do vote it into oblivion. This "divide and conquer" is old stuff. Make the rich pay for something that is only for the poor and you can bet, they will pay the politicians to cut it. He knows this, they know this. If they impose this regime on us all, we only have to look to Ukraine or Mexico or Lebanon or any other country to see how to fix this.

In the streets.

It may come to that.

Thank you for all your answers. Good night.

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