Saturday, April 23, 2005

They Wanted To Keep Terri Alive But Kill Everyone Else

Frist and DeLay as seen by a agnostia brain damaged person.

The entire "Culture of Life" broohaha the Republicans ran that ended with Frist and DeLay calling for the murder of judges and Bush flying to DC for an emergency passing of a bill to give Terri's parents unprecedented access to the highest courts in the land to overturn court is reality:

Medicare Patients MAY NOT go before a judge to get treatment

A new federal policy will make it significantly more difficult for Medicare beneficiaries to obtain hearings in person before a judge when the government denies their claims for home care, nursing home services, prescription drugs and other treatments.

OK. The jarring you are feeling isn't the Boxing Day Great Earthquake. It is simply the feeling that the world is turning inside out. The very same clowns who stopped all of America to howl about a brain dead woman and who cost us taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars running Congress for special sessions so the parents of a brain dead woman could go to courts that were utterly out of line as to refering to the laws of the land, these same clowns now are going to deny the average American to right to see ANY judge when Medicare tells them to drop dead, literally.

We firmly believe that no insurance company, no bureaucrat in a back room, no politician, no Pope has any say in what we do with our bodies.

We live inside our bodies. These objects are something very important to us since we live in our bodies and our bodies are very intimately ourselves. Ergo: only the person living inside a body knows what that body is doing and what it wants. Even if the person and the body do naughty things like smoke or drink too much, it is one and the same.


So once again, the GOP shows themselves to be crude, self serving hypocrites.

I am really mad today. Every day, another reason to be mad.

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