Saturday, April 16, 2005

Triangulating to Death


It is most interesting, reading the news and trying to pry out of it all, a picture of what is going on benieth the shiny surface. Power relationships are not static. Even if treaties and declarations of concord and trade seem static this is only because they are designed to appear static. In the real world, events constantly warp or impact such accords and they gradually or suddenly give way or alter.

When one sees many diplomatic missions going on around the world and the leaders of various countries putting out contridictory statements of friendship and cooperation, some jarringly so, you can bet, the landscape is rapidly changing and everyone is triangulating their way to a new stability, whatever that is.

Right now, we are in the middle of such a time when the world struggles to shift everything to accomodate new realities. The several new realities are these following:

1. The geological fact that the world is now using the maximum amount of oil it can produce by pumping it out of the ground, therefore the aggregate amount must be capped by price hikes which cut back consumption.

2. The fact that the USA has collectively decided to no longer tax itself sufficiently and is now sucking down the vast majority of world finances in the effort to increase the military component of imperial aggression.

3. The shifting of economic power away from the American empire and towards several potential rivals, India and China and the European Union.

4. The destruction of the American middle class as college degree jobs are removed at an increasing speed and transfered to potential rival powers.

5. The jerry rigged, bureaucratic top heavy American medical system destroying public, corporate and private finances while delivering poorer and poorer service, weakening the people physically.

6. The rise of funamentalism in America and the Middle East drawing both into increasing conflict as well as destroying the liberal powers that fuel most positive changes.

When one looks at all of this from a distance, one can detect the overall movement of events and draw up suppositions about the future. I read in the news various stories today about how America and India are drawing "closer" together. Today, both countries are putting out diplomatic propaganda about how friendly and happy we are with each other. The Chinese news notes some conflicts when reporting the same events, noting the controversy over the F 16 sales and this was used by India to get America to "increase India's missile defense systems".

Ahem. America does have something the other powers want: we spend an absolute fortune designing and building nuclear war equipment and systems. We are truly, number on in this field. Everyone wants this stuff, cheap. All the other great powers know that Bush is frantically tying to bribe them into supporting our oil wars against the fundamentalist Muslims who hate us with a passion. So now is the time to strike a deal!

About India: there is increasing fury in the educated classes here in America directed towards India in particular. The Indian self improvement program is all about removing all engineering and computing jobs to India. This hostile trade action is causing real pain here in America as highly educated, motivated Americans suddenly are facing ecnomic annihilation. I know of no one in these fields who isn't terrified of losing their jobs, angry about the reduction, sometimes very sharp reduction in income. This tension is ignored, for the most part, by the rulers of America. They figure, these people aren't unionized, they are politically impotent due to libertarian style propaganda whereby these people imagine they can do things on their own and there is no need to band together.

This political impotence keeps them at bay while American corporations get to reap the profits of exploiting workers overseas. But this is destroying our empire for making the inhabitants of the imperial center poor and weak means the empire itself, rots at the core. Nihilism and despair do not make a strong empire. I suspect the reason Bush and his militaristic allies are allowing this to happen is because they want to enlist the energy and power of dissatisfied technology workers and put them into the military machine. As military recruiters haunt our colleges, this seems more and more likely.

All nations are triangulating right now. They are preparing to have all their own bases covered when America stumbles and falls. They all can see, the economic and social tensions in a very divided nation are going to get much, much worse. Will America's plunge into economic mayhem cause a world war?

Only America can decide that question. It is all up to us.

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