Thursday, April 14, 2005

Uri Avnery: Bitter Rice of the March of Folly

Url to book review:The March of Folly
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I am linking this article because it is a very interesting read and I agree with this writer. He is correct about Iraq. The new can of worms we are opening now is 1000% worse and more dangerous. Uri writes:

Barbara Tuchman died too soon. Otherwise she could add a chapter about this war to her book „The March of Folly“.

     It should be remembered that Tuchman was very strict in the choice of her examples. It was not enough that a government acted foolishly. In order to gain a place in her book, two additional conditions had to be met: that the results of the folly could be foreseen, and that there was indeed someone who warned in advance of these results.


What is happening now in Iraq was completely predictable. It is an exact repeat of all that happened to us in Lebanon. Otto von Bismarck once remarked: „A fool learns from his experience. A wise person learns from the experience of others.“ If so, how to define President George W. Bush, who is not even able to learn from his own experience?

Heh. I have always been in awe of old Otto. Bismark could see so many things which is why the Kaiser dismissed him. Silly man, predicting the obvious! Onwards! WWI was hosted by a crew of equally stupid imperial Kaisers, Czars and Kings who were all very closely related. Bismark is also the one who decided to go partially socialist in Germany because, "No one will want to freely die in a war if their parents will starve at home because they lost their son". He didn't believe in a mercenary army because of course, mercenaries have every incentive to not die.

The picture of the napalmed villagers in Vietnam: I very vividly remember seeing this, it was on TV in the middle of that forelorn war. My family ate dinner in front of the new color TV which was in this huge cherry wood cabinet. I was lifting a spoonful of rice to my mouth when I saw this. I spat it out onto my dish and began to cry. I got up from the table and ran outside, crying. My mother came out and asked me what was wrong. I said, "I am going to stop this war." This was not a popular declaration at home. My father was part of the military/industrial/spy world and this was a serious family breech. It was so serious, my father decided I shouldn't live at home anymore, so they gave me my majority at 16 so I could live on my own, legally.

Within a year, my oldest brother moved in because I was against the war and working for the Peace and Freedom Party. He wanted to get out of the draft.

In the end, my father saved him from the draft, reluctantly.

Once again, America is being torn apart by war. So far, it isn't terminal for families because there is no draft. But the mercenaries are getting tired about dying or mutilation so if war grows, so will the draft. My life changed because of a news story one day. Everyone's lives will be changing because of news stories in no short time.

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