Saturday, April 23, 2005

Video of "violent" child

Thanks to Jesus' General, here is the video

My take: the child is acting out but is remarkably quiet. Her most violent act was to push away an unsympathetic teacher. You can hear the other white staffers talking about the child as if she were a dog or something. I was really outraged by this video.

The only time the child was loud was when two adult police officers, one a woman, both white, grabbed her and twisted her arms. Up until then, she was sitting utterly still in a chair and was totally quiet! This is rank child abuse. I hope she wins her case. I wish she could find some great hearted teacher. This video made me very sad and unhappy.

It reminded me of our kindergarden. We had Korean, Chinese, Jamacian, Haitian, Anglo Saxon, Eastern European, American black children. We were very international. Our teachers were equally varied.


I wish I was this child's lawyer....

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