Thursday, April 14, 2005

Why Does Brooks Want World War III?

firefliesNote:Famous Japanese anime, "Grave of the Fireflies" about orphans in WWII. Sad ending.

Brooks of the NYT editorial page is the right wing bellweather. He rings when Bush hits him with a clapper.

Here he is, explaining why we should send an irritable "America Firster" to the UN, the far right wing ideologe, Bolton:

don't like John Bolton's management style. Nor am I a big fan of his foreign policy views. He doesn't really believe in using U.S. power to end genocide or promote democracy.

But it is ridiculous to say he doesn't believe in the United Nations. This is a canard spread by journalists who haven't bothered to read his stuff and by crafty politicians who aren't willing to say what the Bolton debate is really about.

The Bolton controversy isn't about whether we believe in the U.N. mission. It's about which U.N. mission we believe in.

From the start, the U.N. has had two rival missions. Some people saw it as a place where sovereign nations could work together to solve problems. But other people saw it as the beginnings of a world government.

I recall, the UN was created by people who were very upset and rather scared about not just one but two massive world wars that killed millions of soldiers and many more millions of civilians. The giant catastrophe of WWII caused many to reconsider the option of mass warfare and the nuking of two civilian centers in Japan showed the world the terrible future in store for humanity if we continued to wage total warfare.

So the UN was born. Immediately, it divided into two camps, the Soviet alliances and the American alliances. This friction was played out in the UN for fifty years. Every time it seemed it would flare up into a world war, the UN was the channel preventing this. One of the causes of WWI and WWII was the secret alliances that various parties made. The UN was a means to bring openess to alliances and to keep communications open when war threatened. Even recently, the UN was the site of much international negotiations prior to a war which the UN did not endorse and which embarrassed the UN, namely, how America used the UN to disarm Iraq and then turned around, after UN inspectors reported there were no WMD, invading the helpless nation.

So now, the UN is very weak since no sane nation will allow the UN to inspect them nor will any sane nation disarm since dropping one's arms only means the USA will unilaterally invade.

Into this mess we see tensions rising over sovereignty of the China Seas. This ongoing flash point isn't being discussed in the UN. No party wants to talk about it since all the interested parties involved, Russia, China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the USA, are all having secret meetings and negotiations, setting up alliances and pacts that will then solidify in public in the form of military attacks. Ie: we are going to war and this war has very serious ramifications.

Bolton, a famous bully boy, will be our representavite at the UN at a tiime when we really need some quiet diplomat who can dampen down the flames of war. Instead, the neocons who run America will now flex their chickenhawk--for all hid from war themselves during Nam!--muscles. Alarm in DC is tremendous. The devaluing of the dollar failed utterly and miserably, as I have written about in the past, it was doomed from day one. So now, we are in very serious fiscal hot water.

Time to cut taxes!

Nazi Germany behaved this way. Reckless government spending with low taxes while confiscating Jewish property and wealth, once that dried up, Germany marched on the neighbors, all in the name of fixing the economy.

Today, as I type, there are frantic meetings going on, here in America and across the globe. None of these occur in the UN which is totally bugged by the USA, all the offices and phones and everything, as was revealed during the Iraq invasion debates. No one trusts America.

Remember the spy plane stuff? The propaganda machine in America ran full flood trying to make this look like the Chinese were in the wrong when we were merely "observing" them flying as close as possible. Geeze. At the time, I noted that any Chinese planes flying back and forth along our coasts would be a casus bellus, our press pretended that this rank spying is OK even though no other nation dares to do this so blatantly!

The Chinese humiliated Bush over this matter. In return, they hired every one of his family members so they could rake in Chinese currency. When 9/11 happened, the first thing Bush did, was rush through legislation granting China permanent trading rights. Up until this month, when China wanted something, the Bush family kow towed. Now this is changed. Alarm over the financial deterioration of America seems to be the root cause.

A useful url:US Relations with China

Which is why Congress is lowering the taxes on the very rich once again. I really can't understand the rationale for all of this, it is insane. I suspect, the parties involved are insane just like HItler and his crew were psychopaths. Why is America following these present psychopaths?

It is easy. Easy credit and desire for cheap oil. This is the root causes of what will become WWIII. Our desire for an unreal world which will allow us to all be millionaires without work.

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