Sunday, April 10, 2005

Why Is It Impossible To Secure Air Travel?

Third air security boss quits in just three years

The is the BBC headlines. My goodness. I am eternally grateful the British let us know what is going on here in this zoo of a country. So, is this the NYT headlines? Big Brother wants to pry in everyone's banking business even more, cites terrorism as motive. Following the money may solve a crime after it happens, it may motivate "terrorists" to be careful of where they stash their cash but it doesn't stop terrorism at all. So why is this the USA headline and the news that yet another "terror" expert who is supposed to secure America is quitting after only eight months? Why did he quit? What ails this whole process? Why is no one cooperating with him? I read that the problems preventing him from doing his job are the same ones that prevented the others from securing the system.

Most Homeland security funds are unspent doldorously says the Washington Post. Well, the Texans knew how to spend it! One guy used it to buy a trailer to tote around his two lawnmowers he used in lawnmower races! Nice to see the winning spirit at work!

Neither paper has a peep about the recent resignation.

Let's go back in time to the "elections". Remember those things? Well, many a racist GOP red voter claimed they supported Bush over Kerry because of security issues. Despite Bush's peculiar inattention after Condi read him "My Pet Bin Laden" in August, 2001, Americans voting for him though he was doing a bang up job, protecting us.

Al Gore, the winner of the most popular votes in the previous election, worked on a committee which examined airport security...back in early 2001. This report was submitted to Bush in late July, 2001. Bush stayed on an aircraft carrier in Italy
during the summer meetings there because he was afraid of an aerial attack. Especially a hijacked plane assassination attempt.

So when he got clear warnings from his favorite kicking boy, the CIA, he forthwithly ignored it and ignored the Gore suggestions and vacationed happily. When he reluctantly returned to DC, he decided to show contempt towards the residents of DC by having a midnight fireworks display on a Wednsday, without any warning, inviting only the President of Mexico and the Bush royal clan, to watch this from a balcony. The police lines lit up and people thought DC was under attack and you can bet, Bush laughed derisively at the news reports the next morning. Up yours, DC!

The next day he flew to Florida.

On Sept. 11, 2001, I sent an e-mail to a reporter at the BBC, in it, I said, "Bush's popularity is now in the red danger zone. The only way to fix this is for someone to attack America, I am predicting this will be NYC, most likely, the WTC again, and he will use this to rally people into his corner so he can pass his stuff in Congress". I noted the hour, 8:45am. Just as I clicked on "send", a poster at the American Prospect with whom I was chatting while sending emails, she lived just above the WTC and she typed in, "I have to go...something is happening at the WTC". Minutes later, a phone call, "Turn on the TV. A plane hit the WTC".

I screamed to my husband, "I have to call the FBI! Both buildings will be attacked, this is a terrorist attack!! We have to save those people!" My husband grabbed me. He said, "You just wrote that Bush will allow a terrorist attack. Calling will do no good". I said, "No, the FBI will do something" and I grabbed the phone and tried to dial when the second jet hit. As I held the phone in my hands, I thought, this is a waste of time. No one wants to stop these attacks. They worked hard to prepare the ground for these attacks. I left the house. I didn't want to see anymore. I knew what would happen.

Well, let's put the pieces of this week's puzzle into place: a great deal of Homeland Security (sic) money is deliberately going unspent. This is nearly impossible in imperial DC. Money is always spent, usually sent out to Bush buddies for various things, this is how they get rich! So why aren't they providing "services" no matter how inept, to "protect" us? Why did they maliciously and deliberately not spend this little kitty of money?

Why does each Homeland Security chief, sub head, Praetorian Guard, flunky, resign? One after another starting with Ridge? Why did the "terror alerts" suddenly cease once the true cause, John Kerry, was removed? Well, it answers itself, no? Why is there no yelling and fear and anger at this obvious chaos in Homeland Security? Money is being spent on insuring people will be humiliated but none is spent at the point of danger, ie, on the planes, themselves? I wrote back in 2001, "All we have to do is have teams of Sky Marshalls patrolling all planes". This costs money but isn't impossible, the Israelis do this.

It was barely tried. A stab was made at hiring these marshalls only the war in Iraq has slurpped up all potential people who could do security and hiring froze and then the program was discontinued! This and only this was the way to stop hijackers like the ones who attacked on 9/11!

So how does a woman living on a mountain know more about what is going to happen next? Easy. I read the news to see what is missing. Since the NYT and WP are refusing to connect the security dots, I am assuming our overlords who run our finances and who are very powerful, need to allow another attack on America. Then they can possibly dispose of Bush who is becoming a great liability and impose full military rule on us.

Isn't this fun.

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