Friday, May 06, 2005

One of the Thousand Reasons I Still Love Al Gore



I have always loved Al Gore. He is the super geek for us geeks. He is quite frankly the person I voted for with utter happiness. No holding the nose or complaints. I fought fiercely for him. It was just criminal how the press made up stories about him. He won that election, even the press was forced in the bitter end to admit this but they backed "tax cut Bush" nearly 100% and they pretended the Supreme Court didn't rip up the Constitution when they disgustingly suspended the legal and correct counting of votes in Florida...well, they kept attacking Gore even after he surrendered to Bush. Gore didn't want to divide the nation so he bowed to the real rulers and thought he could make a come back only they hiss and howl every time he appears in public.

It is all so sad and infuriating and being who he is, it really hurt him. A lot. So I pleases me no end to get this news:


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